"A snapshot of my littles almost every week in 2015."

Finding vegan 'fast food' is not easy. Finding vegan pizza is pretty impossible in the small town we live. We were on our way out of the mall when the kids went nuts over a sighting of the little pizza place. I told them we would look at the menu and see if they had any options... and alas... vegan pizza! So we ordered it, watched it go into the oven, and brought it our to the van to have ourselves a nice little van picnic.

(not pictured are the million trips to the bathrooms, Abel peeing in the parking lot and the trek back into the mall to go #2)



We're on a food journey. Soaking in as much knowledge as our brains will allow. It's funny how things that we never gave much thought, like our food, becomes a daily hot topic.

Finding new ways to prepare and cook classic meals has become a fun experiment. A few months ago, we had never known what Quinoa was, now it's a daily staple. Taking out the meat in pasta and replacing with greens would have never happened last year! I never thought there would be a day when fresh organic produce would take over our fridge. And beans... who knew beans could be so good!

I went from drinking 3-4 cups of coffee, filled with creamer packed full of refined sugar... and added more heaping teaspoons of refined sugar, daily, to drinking 1 maybe 2 cups of organic coffee sans sugar and only a small amount of soy creamer. Life changing shit right there!

turning 6 // Adelyn Grace

She woke up happy. She kept saying thank you over and over. She asked me if I did all of this for her, I said yes. She gave me a big hug and told me I was the best mom in the whole entire world.

We decorated the house full of Frozen banners and balloons. We made birthday pancakes, complete with a birthday candle and wish.

I'm the furthest thing from the best mom, but you my little angel make me want to be a better person! We put too much pressure on you most days to be the oldest, the leader, the peacekeeper of your wild brothers. You are strong willed but have a forgiving heart, thank goodness... because lord knows we all need bit of forgiveness.

Like I say every year, you made me a mom. You showed me what it was like to have my heart beating outside of my body. I am forever grateful and beyond blessed to be able to watch you grow and learn about life through your eyes.
Happy 6th Birthday Adelyn Grace!