Jun 22, 2011

Mason Jar Love

There are just too many fun uses for these jars.
My stash is ever growing, as I can’t seem to make it through Walmart without picking up a case. They’re just such a cheap investment.
Craig thinks I’m nuts. BUT in my defense, I do plan on putting these beautiful little treasures to use.
From canning homemade salsa (have I mentioned that I planted a garden.. oh no, not the one you’re thinking of, that one died. I just re-planted one… hoping I don’t kill this one too) to making homemade Christmas gifts.
So, I’ve scoured Pinterest, several blogs and Etsy to find some of the best uses and cutest ideas. Check out what I’ve found:

mason jar2
I love the idea of mason jar candles. It’s like a 2for1 deal.
mason jar
Look at these clever Save The Date’s. Perfect for the rustic wedding!

mason jar1
MMM. Make these fancy cups with lids which can be purchased here.
Great idea for your Fourth of July Party.
What about using this idea:
mason jar10
Instead of serving cans of soda, serve pint jars of lemonade and or sweet tea.
YES, Please.

mason jar3
I NEED these dish towels! OMG!

mason jar5
Everyone is loving the mason jar chandeliers right now.
Including myself.

mason jar4
This screen printed t-shirt is great.
The fact that the jars are hand-drawn makes it even better.
mason jar6
While everyone is raving over the chandeliers pictured above, myself included, I am obsessing over this Sconce!

mason jar7
Mason Jars as centerpieces?
Simple. Elegant. Perfect.

mason jar8
HELLO! Never let your lettuce go brown again!
Great for anyone on the go.

mason jar9
AND my favorite!
The Aqua Ball Jar as a vase.
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  1. Love the mason jar towels, and the pendant light! Okay, I love them all! Such a great collection you found.

  2. Good Morning,
    I just found your blog and it is great. Oh No I truly understand I love, love jars of any type and esp. mason jars. That is such a great idea to serve beverages iced down and I really like the cute lid with the straw.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I love Mason Jars, too. I have all of my herbs stored in them. Another fun use is to make solar lanterns with them. I've made a soap dispenser out of one, too:

  4. so funny, I was at the thrift store yesterday and found a small one, i'm like hmmm what can i do with this?? the candle and center piece with the floating candles. Absolutly LOVE it! Thanks for finding those great ideas! love coming to your blog!

  5. I started obsessing over masons about two years ago, and they seem to have grown even more popular since then. The best thing was finding 6 blue masons at goodwill for less than a dollar each right before I moved from Michigan. BEST. SCORE. EVER. I have all of my kitchen utensils in them on the counter, use them as canisters for sugar/flour/rice, and hold my toothbrushes in them in the bathroom. Plus Erik found a million of quart size clear ones on the property he bought here. I even found some literally BURIED in the ground (w/ a bunch of other misc glass bottles) from like 40 years ago at least - crazy southern hoarders lol!! But I bleached the crap out of them and now have a ton of reclaimed jars for canning. YAY masons :)

  6. I love these ideas! Especially the serving lemonade or whatever in them instead of soda! I'm totally doing that at my next party!

  7. This post is perfectly timed, because we found an empty mason jar hiding in one of our cabinets (probably from my husband's old roommate?). Now I have some ideas to consider!

  8. Great ideas! I love the floating candle centerpiece.

  9. LOL..I just spent yesterday washing out a couple dozen vintage and antique Aqua mason jars..quart, half gallon and pint. If it will WORK, I am planning to replace my exterior light above my front door with an aqua canning jar. We switched to those curly bulbs and now the old shade won't fit anymore!

  10. Mason Jars are the best. Who knew something so simple could be so versatile! I love collecting them too, although I'm finding it hard to find room in my small apartment to display them all =)

  11. The mason jar ideas inspired me to create solar lights for our deck and flower area. I used wide mouth jars and filled them to about 2 inches from the top with pearlized glass stones (several colors). I then used recycled solar light caps from old walkway lights. Gorilla glued them to the mason jar lid so that I can still access the battery and change the stones if I like. Turned out great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love Mason Jars. I just bought huge boxes of them because I am using these as a big part of my wedding. Using them at centerpieces and putting tealight candles in them and hanging them from branches on the trees around the reception area. This blog actually gave me some more ideas. Love them all.

  13. i just wanted to say how I find your site amuzing and wonderful. I like the layout and the fun fonts. Keep it up

  14. I moved from Michigan. best. score. ever. I have all of my kitchen utensils in them on the counter, use them as canisters for sugar/flour/rice, and hold my toothbrushes in them in the bathroom

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