Aug 4, 2011

Repurpose: Baby Food Jars

Yes, another post involving glass jars.

I have a MILLION baby food jars. I literally have no place to put them any more, but there is NO way I’m throwing them away. Just look at all the neat things you can do with them! From storage, to magnets, to candles. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Screw the tops into a shelf and you have easily accessible storage for small items.


I love the idea of painting the tops with chalkboard paint and using for spice storage:


Divide up a bag of bath salts for mini gifts or favors. (hey, Christmas is coming up fast)
You could even make some yummy Salt Scrub or Mud Scrub to put in there.


Single-serving Pies? OH yes, please:


Tie some together for beautiful centerpieces:


I love the idea of making them magnetic. I plan on purchasing a magnetic bar (from Ikea) and doing this project:


Never lost a button, and always have a needs on hand:


Make homemade candles, such a great personalized gift for the holidays:


SEE, I’m NOT hoarding baby food jars, they have a purpose, to REpurpose.


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  1. What great ideas, so creative. I love using them for storing buttons and beads.

  2. i have tons of baby food jars. how did the pies turn out? i worry about breakage.

  3. Great ideas! My sister has boxes and boxes of baby food jars. I will have to show her these!

  4. I StumbledUpon your blog and loved it. You have such great ideas. I live in the Nashville area too and am far away from my friends/family (I'm from Maryland). It's nice to connect with someone else who understands how hard that can be.

  5. omg this is fantastic... I wish I had baby food jars. > < This makes me want to go buy a lot of baby food and throw out the food.

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  7. Very creative!Great ideas!Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. I love this! Any good tips for getting that nasty label glue off?

  9. soak the bottles in warm water with a little detergent or dish washing liquid soap for about an hour. give them a scrub with a steel wire mesh sponge and rinse them dry