Sep 4, 2011

Morning Coffee: Confessional

coffee confessional
Photo Credit: Natalya Berezynska | Buy It

This morning, if I was ordering from Starbucks, I might just order what my sister always gets. A QUAD! That’s right, 4 shots of espresso. I think that may be the way to finally get my mind and body tuned to the sun. 
While I sip my coffee and wake up, I’m going to confess some things I havn’t even said out-loud this week:

1) I’m obsessed with Picnik. (ok, ok… I’m sure you’ve noticed from recent posts! Bare with me while I get it out of my system.)

2)  I had an entry scheduled to post on the 1st. Comcast shut our internet off on the 1st (damn them!). I posted it the next day. AND changed the date so it looked like I posted on the 1st.


3) Remember said shut-off notice. It was delivered the same day as Comcast shutoff. It was a rough morning.

4) I was plucking my eyebrows, just feet away from Adelyn as she chopped her hair off. I heard it sub-consciously, but didn’t realize what I was hearing until it was too late. #badmommymoment

5) In order to get any sort of sleep at night, I co-sleep. And by co-sleep, I mean that on the nights when Stone wakes up @ 1AM, I bring him to bed and let him have his way with me. Craig says he’s the true definition of a “titty baby” (it’s a term of endearment, I swear. hah). (I know all about what could and can happen while co-sleeping. I also know the benefits of it. I choose to do it. I enjoy doing it. You’re entitled to your own opinion. I’m sure you do something I don’t condone. Don’t leave me hateful comments!)


(It’s her favorite book, cause it’s pink.)

What are your dirty little secrets from this week??

# kristanlynn
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I’d love to read all about your secrets.

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