Sep 11, 2011

morning coffee: confessional

coffee confessionalPhoto Credit: Natalya Berezynska | Buy It

This week FLEW by! I think it was all the laziness and rain. There has been a chill to the air every morning. This morning is no different.

My confessions? Oh, well I’m glad you asked.. because there are a few things I’d love to get off my chest.

1) Adelyn goes to sleep with a sippy cup. (GASP!) Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night for a refill… and I let her have it. (Double Gasp!).


2)  I made the statement “children are evil” in conversation the other day. I feel bad about it. I’d like to clarify. I do not believe children are evil… but I do believe they can be toxic to an already broken relationship.

3) Speaking of kids… I’ve come to the conclusion… I only like my own. HAH. (sense the sarcasm with only a hint of truth…)

4) Adelyn’s favorite sayings are: “oh my Lord” “oh my goodness” and “oh my God”. I laugh every time, especially when she uses it in the correct context.

5)  All the laundry that I’ve done this week, is piled up on the couch in our room. I put about 10 loads away last week… and now we’re piled high again. It’s never-ending. Every time I go in there to start folding I get overwhelmed and walk out.

What’s your confession(s) this week??

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