Sep 11, 2011

morning coffee: confessional

coffee confessionalPhoto Credit: Natalya Berezynska | Buy It

This week FLEW by! I think it was all the laziness and rain. There has been a chill to the air every morning. This morning is no different.

My confessions? Oh, well I’m glad you asked.. because there are a few things I’d love to get off my chest.

1) Adelyn goes to sleep with a sippy cup. (GASP!) Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night for a refill… and I let her have it. (Double Gasp!).


2)  I made the statement “children are evil” in conversation the other day. I feel bad about it. I’d like to clarify. I do not believe children are evil… but I do believe they can be toxic to an already broken relationship.

3) Speaking of kids… I’ve come to the conclusion… I only like my own. HAH. (sense the sarcasm with only a hint of truth…)

4) Adelyn’s favorite sayings are: “oh my Lord” “oh my goodness” and “oh my God”. I laugh every time, especially when she uses it in the correct context.

5)  All the laundry that I’ve done this week, is piled up on the couch in our room. I put about 10 loads away last week… and now we’re piled high again. It’s never-ending. Every time I go in there to start folding I get overwhelmed and walk out.

What’s your confession(s) this week??

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  1. I kinda agree with your number 3! lol. and my daughter goes to bed with a sippy cup as well. its a nightly tradition to get one and then brush her teeth. whoops! youre not alone!

  2. My husband and I try so hard to hide the fact that we pretty much only like our 4 kids. I can pretend very well...he doesn't hide his feelings so well. As for the folding and putting away, let's not go there, but it is really reassuring to know that I'm not the only one. We have people coming over tonight and my house looks beautiful. All the washing is hiding in our walk-in robe. Let's hope no-one has any need to go in there, and I'll deal with it tomorrow, maybe.

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