Sep 17, 2011

who needs photoshop?


I’ve had tons of you email and comment about how much you love the pictures. Thank you so much for your kind words. Ya’ll make me feel so loved!

I figured I’d share some secrets. While I wish I had Photoshop (or rather, knew how to navigate Photoshop), Picnik does just fine for my needs. It’s actually a pretty neat site with a lot of the same features of Photoshop, just in a much simpler form!

My favorite edits: I almost ALWAYS cross process (obsessed!), then add a faded Sepia or B&W. I might add some softness, maybe a texture or two. And I really like to bring the natural color of the subject through the faded Sepia filter.

I’m no pro! But it’s FUN! BONUS: You can save your edited photo’s right from Picnik onto Photo Bucket, Picasa, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, you can email it or even just print it from there.

Check out some before and after's:



before after




Please note that I have the upgraded Premium version. It’s worth the money!

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  1. I have used picnik for different things, it is a great little editing service...your photos are wonderful and the children are super cute!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Awesome edits! I'll have to check out Picnik. I currently use GIMP instead of Photoshop because it's freeeeeeee.

  3. thank you for sharing!!! I will check it out!
    I'm your new follower (

  4. Wow- thats amazing- and so easy too! thanks for sharing your secrets <3

  5. So cute! I do use Picnik, but haven't made the leap to premium..hmmm..maybe it is time! Great post!Julia

  6. Excellent work on re-touching the images. The enhanced ones look great and have a much more "warmer" feel.
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  7. I agree. I use this and my normal "mama" photos turn magically into professional looking ones all the time! LOVE IT!

  8. I admire your photography and photoshop skills. By the way, those are cute little kids. I like what you did on the photos. The "after Photos" look lively.

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  9. I just went to go on Picnik and apparently it is closing down, however I found that Pic Monkey is very user friendly ( anyone wants an alternative.

    These posts have been brilliant- extremely helpful for a new blogger such as myself, thanks!