Mar 31, 2011

Good Morning

+ So this is what unconditional love looks like:




I laid in bed, snuggled under heaps of blankets, Stone at my side suckling ever so gently, my eyes had not opened yet. Contentment. I was just nodding back to sleep when I heard Adelyn start stirring in her bed. I opened one eye to look at the clock on the dresser. 5 AM. You’ve got to be kidding me, was my first thought. Then I heard Craig go into her room and get her up. Second thought, Thank God! She crawled into bed with me and we snuggled. My big girl at one side, and my little man at the other. I heard her get up, but I was still half asleep. Stone started wiggling, looking for more milk and I peeked at the clock again. 7 AM. Time to get up. I switched Stone to the other side to nurse. I did not want to start my day just yet. When I closed my eyes, I could picture the pile of dishes left in the sink, the toys strewn throughout the house, a kitchen floor with crumbs every where. My family is heading in today, and I did not feel up to cleaning. Then I heard the sound of music, a vacuum. When I finally made my way out from underneath the covers, I scooped up Stone and we headed out of the bedroom. Imagine how delighted I was when I realized the house was SPOTLESS. No dishes in the sink (they were even already drying in the dishwasher!), floors swept AND mopped, countertops and tables cleaned and sanitized, toys put away and carpet with fresh vacuum streaks. This morning was perfection! Thank you, Craig! #

081  084

088  096

Sometimes, when I look at her, I don’t see my little baby anymore:


044  046

How can you resist those lips and cheeks? It takes everything in me to not just squeeze and kiss all over him while he’s sleeping!




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Mar 30, 2011

A Breastfeeding Baby Doll?!

Just a little food for thought:

The World Health Organization recommends

  • exclusive breastfeeding (only breast milk) for the first six months
  • gradually introducing other nutritious foods at six months ALONG with continued breastfeeding for TWO years and BEYOND!

The reason for this post:


I’ve heard outlandish comments regarding this doll. The most ludicrous of which was a comparison of this doll to having kids practice sex?!

I realize we live in a culture where breasts are sexual objects. But comparing a breastfeeding infant to a sexual behavior is preposterous!

Or what about this foolish comment left in a thread: “this doll will make girls have sex at an early age”?!

YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! Pretending to nurse a baby promotes early sex but bottle-feeding the baby dolls doesn’t? (laughable!)

So, according to the above statement, my daughter is going to have sex at an early age? Because, while she doesn’t have this doll… she does pretend to nurse her baby dolls:


220 217

The above pictures were taken a month ago… but she has been “nursing” her dolls for much longer.  I never showed her how to do this with her baby dolls. One day she took off her shirt, sat down with her baby and when I asked her what she was doing she replied “babyis hungwy”.

This post started out very lengthy, with lots of info… but then I realized.. I would lose most readers… so I’ll just link some of my favorite articles that clear up a lot of mis-conceptions about breastfeeding!

If you have any questions about breastfeeding… please e-mail me, I love talking about the benefits to exclusively breastfeeding!

I understand that there are plenty of amazing moms out there that choose to formula/bottle feed, I know a few personally $. I’ve never said that you have to breastfeed to be a great mom. Nor do I feel that mothers that formula feed should feel guilty about doing so, or feel the need to explain why you chose to formula feed. It’s a choice we make as mothers, as long as you are proud of your decision and at peace with it, you should not feel the need to explain yourself to anyone.

YET, I do believe that every woman needs to make an informed decision on this topic. Most women that choose to formula feed are un-educated on the topic of breastfeeding (that is not my opinion… but a fact.. take it up with the polls, not me!)

Hopefully you found some useful info… or atleast enjoyed my pictures of Adelyn doing the most natural thing in the world +


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Mar 28, 2011


I love jotting down random thoughts and ideas. Getting only a few hours of sleep per night plus chasing after a toddler and cranky baby means I forget…. A LOT!


I love notepads… especially pretty notepads. So here we go:

Materials I used:
◦  4- 12x12 patterned cardstock (I got 8 journals out of this, you could also ust 8x11 or any other size depending on what size you want your journals)
◦  48- sheets white paper
◦  4- 8x11 White cardstock
◦  sewing machine and thread
◦  a little elbow-grease $


Let’s get started:

◦ Start by cutting out all the paper. (I measured my journals to 8x6. This left me with 8 journal tops and some extra scraps.)
◦ Take your scrap piece and measure it about 2 inces by the height of your journal (mine measured 2x8).
◦ Stack your paper as follows: White carstock, 12 pieces of plain paper, fancy cardstock. Then fold your 2 inch piece in half, this will be the “binding”:


◦ Place the fold against your stack of paper:

◦ Set your stitch length to the longest your machine allows (if you don’t, the paper could get too perforated and tear out more easily)


◦  And sew:



◦  Here is where the “elbow grease” comes in,  I had to manually turn my side handle to sew. The foot pedal just wasn’t getting the job done like I wanted. It takes time, a few wigglies of your arm and maybe a bad word or two. BUT it looks much better manually turning your side handle than using your foot pedal.


And VOILA you’re done!



◦ Add any embellishments you see fit, I hand stamped the back of the journals and the lower right corner of each page:




Wrap with some twine (or in my case yellow yarn), and you’ve got a great, unique gift for anyone who loves to write, doodle or is just plain forgetful!


Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend!

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Mar 23, 2011

Vintage Photo’s

I’m in love with a new app on my phone.
It’s called Instagram, and if you have the iPhone, you must download it!!

iphone 122
iphone 123

We’ve been hanging out outside for the past week. Our inside vs outside ratio has definitely done a 180! I love it!!! Only problem is… today was the last day of 80 degree’s for a few days. Rain is on it’s way… Maybe that means I can catch up on stuff for my shop.
Ebb & Flow!
iphone 125
iphone 127

iphone 129iphone 131iphone 132iphone 133
iphone 138iphone 140


The little red Radio Flyer Wagon’s have come a long way huh?? She loves her wagon!
Thanks NaNa and PaPa!
iphone 145iphone 146iphone 155iphone 156

Everything has a down-side to it… even Spring/Summer:
BUGS!!!!! I hate them… especially ones that sting or bite… and being in the south… you never know if that spider that just bit you will make your arm swell up or turn black. hah.

Adelyn before she realized that there was a caterpillar on the mug: 
iphone 174

After she realized there was a caterpillar:
iphone 177iphone 178
(Don’t mind the clothes hanging on the porch! The lover has not put up my clothes line yet! hah)

Deciding to take a second look:
iphone 179
Getting a little closer
iphone 180265
She said bye to him when we went inside. Then wanted to bring him in to show daddy. He was still there the next morning, she was delighted to see her new friend. LOL. He has since left our porch tho =(


We had our weekly Pizza Night on the back deck.

iphone 197

iphone 191

Ordering pizza and drinking pop was a luxury when I was growing up.
Maybe that’s why we indulge in it every Friday.

iphone 194iphone 195iphone 198


Car rides w/ the windows down in March!

iphone 199iphone 203
I remember growing up in MI, once it hit 45 degree’s… we busted out our shorts and flip flop, rolled down the windows in the car while cranking up the music! hah. My fellow Michigander friends are still living in that world. I though, have found where it is at. The south baby! Move to the warm South.. and 45 degrees, my friend, means you are wearing boots, a coat, scarf and gloves. =)


My little Prince Charming or as Adelyn calls him Mr. Man.

iphone 207iphone 208081
wearing his St. Patty’s shirt!

If he is in arms reach… she’s rubbing his ear.




One day these feet will be MAN feet, but right now… these babies are like chew toys!

He is starting to hold thing and bring them up to his mouth. And as you can probably see from the above pics, he’s a CHARMER!


He has also found his hands… I’ll catch him holding up his hand staring at it intently and wiggle his fingers! The look on his face is priceless. He always looks so amazed.

More sisterly love:

I have a feeling that when they get older… she will still be a lover.. and he’ll be pushing her away from embarrassment!



Thinking to the above said bugs…
I think I’ve officially scared Adelyn of bugs (which I swore I would never do to my kids!)

There were bee’s every where, and she was watching them intently:

Moving every time one would start to make a move!

She finally got to pick some flowers tho.


We even had to put sunblock on:

I never thought about sun damage to one’s skin, until about a year ago, I looked at myself super close in the mirror, then jumped back horrified! hah. I will teach Adelyn the importance of protecting her skin from the sun! (and I’ve never gotten that close to a mirror since… sometimes living oblivious is a plus!)

A Temper Tantrum:


Or two or three…. ok, ok.. maybe four! $

BESIDES the few temper tantrums: We’ve had a GREAT few days.



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