Apr 29, 2011

What a difference a year makes.

OK… well maybe a little over a year.

It was right around the time Adelyn was about to turn 1.
I got baby fever, BAD!

And some how managed to convince Craig into trying for another.
It took 5 months. I remember the feeling each month when I realized I wasn’t pregnant.
It was heartbreaking.
I don’t know how women taking fertility treatments deal with that heartache.
My thoughts are always with those mothers,
as I am so grateful that, despite 5 months, I was able to conceive.

We were the perfect little family of 3.
We weren't rolling in the money, our apartment was small.
We were HAPPY.


There were several trials of our relationship that first year Adelyn was here.
But, in the end it brought us closer.
We learned how to make our relationship work as parents and as lovers.

INSERT: New job, Second pregnancy and Second baby.
And that little happy family of three turned into a dysfunctional family of 4.

(How sad is it that I don’t have a picture of the 4 of us together?!)

We havn’t quite got it down yet.
I know we never will. As nothing is perfect.

I havn’t learned how to split my time between both kids equally.
But I do my best, and that is ok.

I find myself letting Adelyn watch more television than I ever would have when it was just her.
And that’s ok too, sometimes Momma just needs some peace and quiet
to get the dishes done and dinner on the table.

Over the past year, Craig and I have forgot how to communicate effectively.
He works nights, so spending quality family time is spread thin.
Let a lone quality alone time.

Our relationship is drowning.

Not dead by any means.. but struggling to stay afloat.

I read an article recently stating that the divorce rate of night-shift workers is 60%
Totally not surprised!

We’ll make it work. That I am positive of.
Because when I think of my future, when I think of sitting on my back porch watching my children playing with there children, he’s there, sitting right next to me.
Marveling at the magic we created together.

I know in that moment..
when I look back, it will all be worth it, the heartache, the pain, the frustration.


173 tornadoes ripped through the States yesterday.
Total devastation.
Too close to home.
Please pray for these victims and there family.
Over 300 deaths.

the kids were safe in the tub, I had the mattress ready to throw over them and lay on. so they didn’t fly away. HAH.

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Apr 26, 2011


My three favorite words lately.


Thanks to the lovely Heather Leigh, I’m loving all things repurposed! If you do not follow her Repurposing board on Pinterest… you really should! She pins the neatest ideas!

Like this one:

Repurposing a laundry detergent bottle into a watering can!
(first seen here)


Can you say LOVE!
I hadn’t bought a watering can for the garden yet, because…
well, because they’re too darn expensive,
and I knew I could somehow make something to do the trick.

I actually had an 8 dollar one in my cart the other day,
then put it back before heading to the check out line.

The very next day, Heather pinned this Upcycled DIY Watering Can!
The best part about this: I just threw out TWO detergent bottles!
I instantly went and fished them outta the garbage!

It’s super easy too.
Just rinse out the detergent bottle until there are no soapy suds.
Take a drill with a tiny drill-bit, and start making holes in the cap.


Don’t forget to put a hole or two in the handle for air.

All my temporary planters are upcycled too!
I feel it makes my little garden even greener!

It works just as well as a store-bought watering can!


You don’t need a million holes like I put.
Making the holes was the most time consuming part of this mini project, and while this one works GREAT, I do believe it would have worked just as well with less holes.
Thus, making this little Do-It-Yourselfer even faster.

How about you, what have you repurposed lately??

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Apr 25, 2011

Easy Peasy DIY Wall Art

I HATE bare walls!
Yet, we’ve been in our house for almost 6 months, and our walls are still pretty bare.
This must change!

I have quite a few ideas to spruce these walls up.
Here is one quick and easy way.

- Picture frame (I got mine for $1 at The Dollar Store)
- Cards from friends and family
(or in m case, my shop)


Insert Cards into frames.
Voila- you’re done.

Simple right??

You could also use some pretty scrapbooking paper:

Easy Peasy!

Hoping everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!
It’s Monday… back to the grind. $

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Don’t forget to check out the cards in my shop!

Apr 23, 2011

ebb & flow.

I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed lately. It seems that there is not enough time in the days to get everything done. So I don’t. Which makes  me even more overwhelmed.  I’m learning tho. It’s no longer hard to breathe when I see dishes in the sink.

Craig did the dishes yesterday… Why can’t he ever do things like that “just because”?  I should have known he wanted something… that something was going to hang out with his “work friends” from 6pm to 11pm. I could have stomped my feet and said no. I could have copped an attitude. I could have said “I never get to go ‘hang out with friends’!” But I didn’t. (I wanted to tho.)

OH, how I long for the the time to come when he gets the day-shift.

Adelyn was interesting (to say the least) this week.  If I was in MI, I would have had my Grandmother come over and perform and exorcism! (oh I kid!)


She was too much to handle at times. I found myself having to leave the room and go outside to count to ten… quite frequently. She stopped sleeping in her bed. Every time I’d try to put her in there, she latched on like a spider monkey! Turns out she is now afraid of the dark. After 5 nights of NO sleep, I put a lamp in her room and she went right to bed. Praise the Lord!

Stone went the whole week w/o pooping. Which means he was pretty crabby. I actually jumped up and down with joy when I opened his diaper and there was poop in it yesterday! (oh the things that make you happy once you’re a parent!)

We had GREAT moments this week too!
And thankfully, those moments outweigh the bad ones tremendously!
Ebb and Flow, baby!!
(you can’t appreciate the good ones w/o the bad ones, right?!)

Stone is learning to sit, still with some help.

Mornings filled with sisters loving brothers

And of course, Dress-Up 


Fists full of hair:



I’m super excited about Easter morning tomorrow!
Last year, Adelyn didn’t really get it. She found eggs, but was totally over it after 5 mins.
And this year, we actually have a yard to do the egg hunt in. YAY!

We tried and FAILED a few different egg decorating ideas.

Neither of us eat hard-boiled eggs… so coloring them the traditional way was out of the question. Such a waste of food.

I have a bunch of white circle stickers tho, so she’s coloring them
and then we’re gonna stick them to the plastic eggs.
She loves her some stickers!

I hope everyone has an awesome Easter!!
I know me and Craig are super stoked to get our sugar-high on!

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Apr 21, 2011

Pyrex Love

Me and Pyrex are in love!

I love the durability. No matter what I do to them… they always clean up pretty.
Mom just added to my collection; some vintage bowl sets from my Great- Grandmother.

I seen this picture on a friends Pinterest Board:
pyrex aqua cabinet
Photo Credit: PyrexPixie

So, that’s what love looks like!

pyrex pretty

I wish my Pyrex collection was as pretty as the ones above!
My collection consists of…. CLEAR

That’s OK. I can feed my love of Pretty Pyrex this summer,
I KNOW there will be plenty at Garage Sales.

Or I could just satisfy myself via Etsy!

pink pyrex
pyrex aqua
Beautiful +

pyrex yellow

pyrex green bowls

red pyrex
Ok, the Friendship pattern is probably my FAV!

And in case you’re wondering. It’s not JUST bowls:
pyrex creamer

pyrex salt

pyrex cup

I will be scouring Nashville and the surrounding cities ALL summer
in hopes of having a pretty stash of my own one day!

Do you have a love of Pyrex too? What’s  your stash consist of? Have a favorite pattern?

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Apr 19, 2011

Today is NOT my Day!

I was not in the mood to cook. But I was in the mood for something home-cooked.

Casserole it was.

Cooked some rice, pan seared some chicken.
Threw it in a casserole dish with veggies, some spices and a few cans of Campbells Condensed soup.

The oven had just got done pre-heating, I was about to put it in,
when I decided to look at the expiration date of the soup…


Why did I check the expiration date, you ask?
Oh, because I had just put my hand into the bag of shredded parmesan cheese,
only to pull out a handful of mold!


Looks like my cooking strike has taken a toll on all of our food!

Cereal it was.

Even tho I knew it wasn’t expired… I checked the date anyways.
I poured Adelyn a bowl,
(Stone’s been crying for about 15 mins now)
added some milk and was walking it toward the table.. when out of no where it falls… I just dropped it, not sure how!
Milk and Raisin Bran… EVERYWHERE.

All that,
topped with Adelyn’s “AWE.MAN”… I had to start laughing.
If I didn’t… I probably would have started crying!

I’d really like a large adult beverage right now.
make that a
Captain and Coke   
DOUBLE Captain and Coke!
Captains on the rocks… leave the bottle.

Here’s to your day being better than mine!

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Apr 16, 2011

need inspiration?

*Disclaimer: Upon viewing site, expect to lose all track of time!
You are now forewarned.

Fullscreen capture 4162011 30048 PM.bmp
Pinterest is like a virtual pinboard -
Create collections of your favorite things.
Follow fellow pinners with great taste.
Re-pin what others have pinned that you love.

My friend Heather introduced me to this site. And I’ve become obsessed to say the least!
Today, another girlfriend, Erica, messaged me about the site, and was disappointed that I did not share it with her sooner. (Sorry, love)

Fullscreen capture 4162011 31437 PM.bmp

So I thought I would share it with everyone.
Please note that Pinterest is not a public site.
You have to be invited by a fellow pinner to become a member 
Once you are invited tho,
you can set up an account and start pinning and re-pinning.
I’m not sure when the site will go public, or if it ever will.
Hopefully you know a friend who is already a member, that can send you an invite.

I have to admit… I feel special being a member.
Like I’m in a Private Members Only Club.

Fullscreen capture 4162011 31716 PM.bmp

You don’t need an account to access all the wonderful boards tho.
Boards ranging from Home Décor, Crafting, Hair Styles, Fashion, Weddings, Vintage Finds, ETC…
There are thousands!!!

Fullscreen capture 4162011 32026 PM.bmp

It’s a great place to lose yourself and feel inspired.

Fullscreen capture 4162011 32506 PM.bmp

Are you pinning?
Leave a comment with your Pinterest link, I’d love to see some of your boards!

Fullscreen capture 4162011 32646 PM.bmp

I’ve had my account for a little while, but I just started actually pinning today.

*Note: click on the pictures $

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Apr 15, 2011

Fabric Covered Cork Board: A DIY Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to make this for a long time., and finally sat down yesterday to put it together. I figured some of you might want to make one too. So I took pictures a long the way.



  • Cork (I got a package of 4 (12 x 12) squares at Walmart for 6 bucks)
  • Fabric (I used a Fat Quarter, which was more than enough. You could also upcycle old sheets, an old t-shirt, table cloth.. etc…)
  • Cardboard (I used cardboard from an old box)
  • Ribbon
  • Thumb tacks
  • Dress pins
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Iron
  • Scissors


Lay out your fabric and cut 1 inch around the coark board.


Iron your fabric so it is nice and crisp.

Cut your cardboard the same size as your cork.
Hot glue the cork and cardboard together.
(You can skip this step if your cork is thicker. I added the cardboard to keep the tacks from showing through on the back side)


Center your cork on the fabric and use the thumb tacks to secure fabric to the cardboard/cork.

Fold the edges as if you are wrapping a box.
Make sure you pull the fabric TIGHT while securing.


This is what you should have so far:



Now we can start adding the ribbon.
You could wrap it in one long piece and secure with thumb tacks.
You can do it like me:


I cut the ribbon as I went, leaving an inch hanging over each side.
I spaced the ribbon about an inch apart.
You could space out much further if you’re wanting to display larger things,
(I wanted mine to display all the lovely business cards I’ve received)


Secure ribbon with hot glue. (Later I added  tacks to ensure the ribbon would not slip.

I changed up the color of the ribbon. But one color would work well too.


Now it’s time to create the pockets. Place ribbon the same way you did before, just from the opposite side, creating diamonds or rectangles (as pictured above).
Secure in back with hot glue and tacks.

After all the ribbon is secured in back.
Push dress pins through each ribbon cross:


Take a pair of needle-nosed pliers and bend the back of dress pin so it faces the cardboard.


Cover the backside with contrasting fabric or packaging paper…
and VOILA! You’re done! +



You don’t even need to cover the back if you don’t want to, no one will see it.

Enjoy! Would love to see some of the ones you make.

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