Jan 16, 2012

hanging pictures

hanging pictures

Twine + Mini Clothespins = easy and interchangeable photo display.

I hung this birthday banner last month, then made the another one that said Merry Christmas. I liked the way it filled the corner, added a bit of fun to the room, but I was kind of over the bunting banner for now. When it was time to take down all of the Christmas decorations, I was left to brainstorm a way to re-incorporate the corner into our home. Insert above photo. LOVE.

Easily change out old photo’s for new ones. Add another line of twine for extra photo’s. ETC. I didn’t even print them on photo paper, just plain ole cardstock… okok… premium cardstock.

Here’s a new favorite just added:


Everyone wants me to get his hair cut. NO WAY! I’m totally diggin’ the shaggy look. HAH. He’s such a HAM! and is FINALLY walking… like actual walking. And learning new sounds. He’s a lover, oh man is he a lover. Knows the way to his Momma’s heart, and has me wrapped around his chubby fingers.

Tomorrow is our last day with my parents. Once again, I have yet to take a picture! I am determined to make up for that tomorrow, and add some new favorite photo’s to my new photo corner.

Is it weird that I have pictures hanging from twine, and empty frames on the wall over?? A frame wall and a photo corner. Please tell me you get it. That I am not alone. hah.

Note: my blogging schedule is all outta whack! But hey, I’m going with it baby. One day you might think you’re gonna get a fabulous outfit.. but you might just get a DIY. Be patient with me, and kind.

# kristanlynn

Rant: I’m thinking about putting a disclaimer in my header. Something that reads a little like this:
Oh, hello. You don’t like blogs with bad grammar, dry sarcasm, over edited photo’s or mis-spelled words?? UH OH!! Read at your own risk.


  1. I love that! So simple and probably a lot easier to change out photos then when they are in frames! :D I have a wall of frames going up my stairs and looking at them you would never know that we have two boys, cause our youngest is no where to be seen in them!One of my resolutions this year...

    Anyway, love your disclaimer!

  2. I love this! I'm slightly annoyed that I bought tiny clothespins for my decorations I made for my grandma's 60th bday that I FORGOT TO USE. Now I can use them for ME!

  3. love the photo banner! and who doesnt love dry sarcasm! its the best kind!

  4. Love the photo banner! I just started reading your blog recently when I found a pin on pinerest on how to make your own play dough. Your blog caught my attention with the name...my daughters name is Adelyn too!! She is 8 months old! I have never met someone with the same name, so I just had to say hello ;)

  5. Love this idea... I actually have a bare corner I might do this to. I like your idea of a disclaimer (not because I think you spell bad or have bad humor)... I think I need one too. Some people just don't get it. I think you rock!

  6. I love this!! I'm thinking about doing it in my bedroom... we have a completely empty corner and this would be PERFECT. :)

  7. I actually enjoy your dry sarcasm! Now about that other stuff... no, I'm okay with it, too. :) And Stone is just adorable.