Jan 16, 2012

hanging pictures

hanging pictures

Twine + Mini Clothespins = easy and interchangeable photo display.

I hung this birthday banner last month, then made the another one that said Merry Christmas. I liked the way it filled the corner, added a bit of fun to the room, but I was kind of over the bunting banner for now. When it was time to take down all of the Christmas decorations, I was left to brainstorm a way to re-incorporate the corner into our home. Insert above photo. LOVE.

Easily change out old photo’s for new ones. Add another line of twine for extra photo’s. ETC. I didn’t even print them on photo paper, just plain ole cardstock… okok… premium cardstock.

Here’s a new favorite just added:


Everyone wants me to get his hair cut. NO WAY! I’m totally diggin’ the shaggy look. HAH. He’s such a HAM! and is FINALLY walking… like actual walking. And learning new sounds. He’s a lover, oh man is he a lover. Knows the way to his Momma’s heart, and has me wrapped around his chubby fingers.

Tomorrow is our last day with my parents. Once again, I have yet to take a picture! I am determined to make up for that tomorrow, and add some new favorite photo’s to my new photo corner.

Is it weird that I have pictures hanging from twine, and empty frames on the wall over?? A frame wall and a photo corner. Please tell me you get it. That I am not alone. hah.

Note: my blogging schedule is all outta whack! But hey, I’m going with it baby. One day you might think you’re gonna get a fabulous outfit.. but you might just get a DIY. Be patient with me, and kind.

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Rant: I’m thinking about putting a disclaimer in my header. Something that reads a little like this:
Oh, hello. You don’t like blogs with bad grammar, dry sarcasm, over edited photo’s or mis-spelled words?? UH OH!! Read at your own risk.