Jan 8, 2012

happiness brought to you by glasses and babes


I’m a bit addicted to these glasses. Especially on little faces.
I want to blow these pictures up as big as I can and hang them every where!
I can’t help but smile every time I glance at those pictures. Something about oversized glasses and small chubby cheeks. OH MY!

Stone’s addicted to them too. He loves wearing them, and actually kind of starts to throw a tantrum when you try to take them away. The last few days have been busy. Adelyn turned three on Friday. THREE! And Stone decided that he wants nothing to do with nursing. Literally, one day he’s nursing 5-6 times and then next day he will not nurse. (insert crying, lonely, unneeded momma here).

On a happier note, I’d like to share a status from a friends Facebook that really got me thinking:

My yoga teacher-"if you can't reach your foot, it's not a problem unless you make it a problem... So just so we're clear, it's a made up problem." Ahhh, I love the yogi state of mind!

Isn’t that the truth. I mean…. such a simple way of thinking and living. Happy. Peaceful. So many things in our lives are made up problems.

The first week of 2012 in Instagrams:

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  1. I don't believe I have commented on here before.
    Those glasses are adorable! I had to show my daughter because she has to wear perscription glasses and isn't really a fan of them. She was excited to see other kids wearing glasses :)

  2. HaHa sooo cute!! I love the instagam re-cap..... esp those little baby feet and your skinny legs!! Way Jealous!

  3. Kristan, that is a long way down! lol Ill tell you later. Call me in the morning love, Im exhausted and going to bed but I miss you madly and we need to talk!

  4. and btw....I miss those angels! WE NEED TO SKYPE!

  5. i put glasses on my son too just for kicks. for some reason, babies look way better in glasses :) love your pictures!

  6. I just love your photos! Your kiddos are way too cute! That is also a great quote :)

  7. seriously those glasses rock, such cute babies!!! BTW love your new header!

  8. They look so cute with those glasses on, does it have any grade?
    eye test

  9. Okay, I have just read your blog from the latest post until this post from January after finding it today. So fun! :) I'm commenting here to tell you that I'm also a Nashvillian and my daughter (2nd child) is only about a week older than your daughter. Haha! Mine is a New Year's Eve birthday girl. I just realized they were the same age when you posted about her bday on this day. Love your posts and definitely want to keep up with what you're doing. I'm in the process of deciding what direction I want to go with my blog and trying to narrow what type of business I'm wanting to create whether it's handmade or not.

    Nice to find you and your work on here! :)

    Thanks, Amanda - www.heyamandaleigh.blogspot.com