Jan 12, 2012

life is full of rainbows and happiness.


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I love this quote! It’s so fitting these days. It seems that it’s been raining a lot lately. GAH!

Today I seen this in action. The sadness.. the tears, and then the rainbow at the end, the happiness exuding from her.

I took Adelyn to check out her new pre-school. I was an emotional, sobbing mess trying to sleep last night. She, on the other hand, was very excited. When we got there, the owners greeted us like we’ve been friends for years. Seriously.. not missing a beat. When we walked into the pre-school room, Adelyn’s eyes got real big, she looked at me and said “oh Mom, FRIENDS!” haha. Then got down and ran to play with her new friends, like the big girl she is. Not even caring when I told her I was going to go look around while she stayed. The owners and I decided to let her stay for a few hours through lunchtime to see how she did. She did great. My little, big, girl is all grown up. When I arrived to pick her up, the look on her face was priceless, so happy to see me, so excited to tell me about her new friends. She can not wait to go back.

1st day

I’m sad, but oh so happy. She loved it, she needed it. She needs it. The interaction, structure, the learning alongside her peers, she drinks it in.


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