Jan 31, 2012

the open road.


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This is post is being brought to you from Michigan. I’m currently sitting in my mom’s living room watching the kids play with their uncles matchbox cars. Home Sweet Home. Sipping coffee, watching the snow glisten in the sunlight. Listening to little giggles. (I lied about the snow, there is  none, which is why I am overcompensating with photography off Etsy).
I’m going on a few hours of sleep. We drove through the night. Side note: I wanted to leave today. And while we’re on the subject of side notes and driving. I mentioned several times I wanted to leave this morning, reason being that my eyes SUCK at night, I have light-sensitive eyes and all those headlights make me miserable. On top of that, I get really bad migraines once the sun sets. Of course Craig said that he’d drive, and  I had nothing to worry about. An hour into our trip, he’s pulling over to rest. As soon as the car stopped, Stone started waking up, fussing. So, guess who drove the rest of the way. I’m not sure why  my advice is never taken, but I’m always right.

I’ve made this trip a million times. Pretty much every other weekend in my late teens early twenties. I loved the drive. When I got behind the wheel last night, I couldn’t remember why I loved driving to and from TN so much then. It took me until we crossed the Michigan state line, but I remembered. There isn’t much to do when driving by yourself, or with everyone sleeping, just time to think. 9 hours of just you, your thoughts and the open road.

I thought about life, decisions, upcoming events, my shop and this blog. What I found was clarification. Much needed clarification. Once I crossed the line into Michigan, thoughts turned to dreams, ideas and inspiration. I’ve been really struggling lately with how I offer sponsorship on this blog, I’ve even played with the idea of ending sponsorship all together, because I havn’t found a way that I feel comfortable with. But I finally have a solution, Sponsorship will be changing over the next few months, the way shops/blogs are introduced and giveaways are handled will be totally new, and not like most blogs you see. This will not effect those who have already purchased sponsorship, and if you would like to be showcased the way other sponsors are now, you might want to email me about reserving a spot soon, because once the sponsorship page is updated, there’s no going back.

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I’ve been lacking on my confession posts. I started to feel pressured, which made me retreat. BUT I’m dying to get back into them, share some of myself with you, again. There are a lot of things I have not blogged about, things from my past that have molded me and shaped me into the person I am today. Things I am ashamed of and some things I have never said out loud. So be patient with me while I work up the courage to let you in on a darker side of me. We all have a past; we all have a darker side. While I may not be proud of my decisions, I am proud of the woman I have become. The decisions of my past has brought me into my present. For that I am thankful.

lake superior

winter storm rolling in over lake superior via: LJSladekPhotography

And in case you’re wondering, you can still order cards for Valentines Day! I built up all my stock before heading to the mitten, it’s all packed with me, so your orders will still being processed while I’m here. =)

love detroit
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I swear, I’ve fallen in love with the beauty of Michigan all over again. Going through Etsy and searching for “Michigan Photography” and “Detroit Photography” had me swooning. Home. Sweet. Home.
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