Jan 2, 2012

thrifty finds

I went to a few local thrift stores the other day and scored some awesome stuff! The best?? A Verde 1.5 Q casserole dish for … wait for it…. $1. Nothing beats Pyrex for $1. We all know my Pyrex love.



Adelyn found that little carousel horse and HAD to have it. She is finally old enough to (somewhat) enjoy shopping. It’s so fun to watch her in thrift stores, full of nonsense, and find something that lights up her face. It’s annoying to have the little old lady that runs it, follow you around. It’s annoying to have the little old lady tell you out of concern that your child “shouldn’t be running because she might hurt herself on some of the corners”… when your child wasn’t running AT ALL nor even walking fast. Adelyn walks like a snail.

Funny Story: Adelyn was on one side of a bookshelf/nook, I was on the other. There were tons of old toys and then a bunch of glass stuff. (c’mon who puts $100 vases next to vintage kids toys!). So I’m looking through all these little trinkets trying to find a music box or something that makes music when you twist it for Adelyn when I hear SMASH. Oh man!! I ran over there to see what it was, feeling like I was going to die because we can barely pay rent let a lone afford a broken $100 vase. It was just one of those mini ceramic painted masks that were so cool back in the day. Thank goodness.

Anyways, I want to find little nooks of old towns, little thrift stores full of history and drink them up. I think it’s important. Ya know how people say you should buy a dog from the pound instead of a breeder? Well I totally agree with that and I think we should start to apply that thinking to shopping too. We all go out and buy so much NEW stuff, when it’s already out there, abandoned, waiting for us to find it.

This was foreign to me for a long time. Shop at Goodwill… you’re joking right? Mom is the type… well.. that you just would not find shopping at Goodwill. I don’t think it’s because she’s too good, but rather that other’s need it more than her. OK, maybe it is a little bit of the first one too. HAH. I don’t know, there was always this stigma that came with shopping at the thrift store while I was growing up. Not just in my household, but all around me. You’d hear kids snicker about another student “OMG, don’t talk to her/him, she shops at Goodwill”. Like it was a bad thing; shopping at thrift stores meant you are poor. Man, how I wish I could go back and SLAP those girls.  But I’m changing, and I hope I’m inspiring other’s that have/had my thinking to change with me.

Have you been thrifting lately? What do you look for when you go? I try not to have a specific thing in mind when I go in, but I always find myself spending way to much time in the dishes. Searching for vintage patterns and pretty Pyrex.

Anyone in middle Tennessee that knows of a must-go-to spot?

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