Feb 28, 2012

what I wore | tshirt dress + cropped sweater


Sweater : c/o sisters closet | Dress, Necklace, Belt & Glasses: Rue21 | 
Tights: Target | Shoes: Payless | Necklace: Rue21 


OMG. It’s been  LONG TIME since I’ve put on heels. I used to live in them, never walking out of the house without  pair of stilettos, but then again, there was also a time when I didn’t HAVE to wear makeup, didn’t have to pack a diaper bag and dark under eye circles were something I didn’t know existed. MY MY… how things have changed.
I love this dress, super simple and so comfy, but since it’s a t-shirt dress, it’s more of a comfy lets go thrifting cause the sun is shining outfit. Not that it’s a bad dress, just more of a summer dress. Lord knows,  I love a good fashion challenge, so  I decided to find a way to make it more Date Night-ish.

Enter cropped sweater a few accessories. YES. Still super comfy, just a smidge of sophistication added.

What have you been sportin’ lately?? Do you like to have fun with your clothing choice, or are you repetitive?

I get a ton of emails asking about fashion tips, and always hear how readers feel they could never pull off an outfit I wore. But you totally could! A year ago, I would never have worn anything you see in my WIW posts! Seriously. It wasn’t until a good friend participated in a fashion challenge last year, that I finally got the inspiration to step out of my comfort zone.

Step out of your comfort zone this week with your clothing, take a picture and tweet it to me (@kristanlyn) ! Mix some bold colors or patterns or both, something out of YOUR ordinary.

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