Feb 28, 2012

what I wore | tshirt dress + cropped sweater


Sweater : c/o sisters closet | Dress, Necklace, Belt & Glasses: Rue21 | 
Tights: Target | Shoes: Payless | Necklace: Rue21 


OMG. It’s been  LONG TIME since I’ve put on heels. I used to live in them, never walking out of the house without  pair of stilettos, but then again, there was also a time when I didn’t HAVE to wear makeup, didn’t have to pack a diaper bag and dark under eye circles were something I didn’t know existed. MY MY… how things have changed.
I love this dress, super simple and so comfy, but since it’s a t-shirt dress, it’s more of a comfy lets go thrifting cause the sun is shining outfit. Not that it’s a bad dress, just more of a summer dress. Lord knows,  I love a good fashion challenge, so  I decided to find a way to make it more Date Night-ish.

Enter cropped sweater a few accessories. YES. Still super comfy, just a smidge of sophistication added.

What have you been sportin’ lately?? Do you like to have fun with your clothing choice, or are you repetitive?

I get a ton of emails asking about fashion tips, and always hear how readers feel they could never pull off an outfit I wore. But you totally could! A year ago, I would never have worn anything you see in my WIW posts! Seriously. It wasn’t until a good friend participated in a fashion challenge last year, that I finally got the inspiration to step out of my comfort zone.

Step out of your comfort zone this week with your clothing, take a picture and tweet it to me (@kristanlyn) ! Mix some bold colors or patterns or both, something out of YOUR ordinary.

# kristanlynn

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  1. Adorable, love this cute little fashion statement :)

  2. I think you are so freakin adorable I cannot handle it. I wish I could have the wardrobe you have! Any suggestions for new pieces I should add to my closet?!



  3. hi there! stopping by from WIWW @ the pleated poppy. i LOVE this color combo! the colors of the dress with those tights and the heels? perfection. the grey on top was a nice touch to bring in a bit of neutral. great job!

  4. Wow, Love this outfit! You look great. ♥ The colors, textures & patterns are so fun, but you are right very sophisticated too. Anyways, I am new to your blog, found you through WIW from Pleated Poppy!

    Agape Love Designs
    Mommy Made

  5. Look at those tights! Girl you are my hero! That outfit is adorable, and my stumpy legs would never look right in colorful tights. Wednesdays are becoming one of my faves for WIWW.

  6. Oh man, I love this outfit! Those blue tights, with those heels, and that dress = so lovely!!

  7. you are killing me! again, i want this whole outfit.....come pick out new clothes for my closet will you?

  8. Cute skirt! I really like it! And like the layout change as well

    The Weekend File- Life & Style

  9. I spy an outfit that is super cute! Lovin' the tights:D New to your blog and glad I found your creative little spot on the web. Enjoy your day:D

  10. i totally love this skirt! i want it too :D