Jun 12, 2012

Washi Tape and Office Organization

Office space is limited in our small 3 bedroom rental home. I've blogged about the importance of having an office space before, and I still think it's super important. What I didn't realize is how hard it is to keep such a small office space organized!!! Things seem to pile up and get scattered, making me not even want to open the door.

I had been wanting to get this space re-organized for awhile now, and figuring out a way to organize all my washi tape was a start. I loved this organizer or this one from 464Handmade. AND how cool is this dispenser from Sugar B Supplies?! If I wasn't on a budget, I would surely be buying one (or all) of those bad boys but since I am, I had to come up with another way to organize my washi tape. (Too bad I don't already have a spool holder, swoon!) I was was sick of constantly losing them behind the desk or and they kind of take up unnecessary space on the desk. I thought about a Paper Towel holder, but didn't have one laying around. Then I thought about making one myself with a dowel of some-sort, but alas I didn't have one of those laying around either. 

I remembered I still had some rope/string left over and have been wanting to use those teal over-sized clothespins for anything besides paperweights, so Washi-On-A-Rope was born.

The teal clothespins were purchases from Micheals awhile back for .50 cents

It's perfect, and I'm glad I opted for this route appose to the stand, because it's not taking up any desk space. Plus the fact that I used items I already had on hand, means I didn't spend money. SCORE! I'm on a budget so a few bucks is just that... a few bucks (family vaca to Disney in August, we're pinchin' pennies).

Here's a glimpse into Mission: Organize Closet Office. It's still in need of a few shelves and some sort of filing contraption, but it's working for now.

I mainly use this space to work on orders and stuff for the shop, like all that icky receipt logging. 

Receipt log and monthly organizer both from Office Depot.

Before starting to re-organize, I used this space to hold a lot of my crafting supplies too. ACK! There was NO room. So everything I don't use on a daily/semi-daily basis has been moved onto the bookshelf in our bedroom... for now, until I re-organize that....
I need a Decorator or rather Organizer!

So fill me in on your tips... how do you keep your home office organized? 

I've had a quite a few people ask where I suggest purchasing washi tape from. Target has some for a bargain price in the office supplies section, I've seen black, pink, teal, orange and purple. Also I'd suggest signing up for the daily deals from sites like Groopdealz and Plaid Barn, both of which I've purchased tape from for half the original price. And of course, Etsy... there are a ton of supply shops that offer washi tape. Just be careful, sometimes you'll think you're getting it for a steal, but then shipping bites you in the ass. Feel free to comment letting other's know your favorite shop for washi tape.
If you're in the mood for some washi inspiration? Check out my washi tape idea board on Pinterest.

Happy Organizing!!


  1. Mindy's Minute Market has lots of deals on washi tape, too, I have a lot from there!!!

  2. After reading this post and then seeing your washi tape pins on pinterest, I may have a new obsession. I just bought 7 rolls of washi tape, and am still looking to buy more! Can't wait to use it all. :)

  3. Super weird question... I have been looking for a receipt log like that and I cannot find one anywhere!!! It's driving me nuts. What is it called besides a receipt log because everyone is looking at me like I'm cray cray when I ask in the store.

  4. Target has washi tape? I need to check that out. I get a little overwhelmed looking for it on Etsy, there are so many shops that sell it. I need to just pick one and order some already.