ramblings // on expectations

Sometimes I think we've created a false reality in our minds. Expectations are set way too high. Expectations lead to disappointment. Idk when we started expecting things from the world, like the world owes us something just for breathing. And while you might be telling yourself "I just have high expectations, high standards"- talk to me in 10 years and tell me how those high standards worked for you. I think most of the time, these expectations we have for the people around us.. we can't even live up to ourselves. 

vegan pizza // with hummus

Who says you need cheese on pizza?! True story- I am a pizza addict. hah. I can literally eat an entire large pizza to myself- and have on multiple occasions. It was the one thing that gave me a slight hang up when we decided to go plant based- sans cheese. 

the other day.

Everyone always gets a kick out of Stone's puke stories. The kid vomits over everything, some one spits out their food- he vomits. Bad smell- vomits. Looks at his own vomit- vomits. I've never met someone like this... sure we all have that gag-reflex... but this is ridiculous. Sometimes, he will stuff his mouth so full of food, that he gags. We tell him to stop, but he doesn't listen. And then the gag's turn into vomit, and he's looking at the vomit, vomiting, crying that there's vomit on his hands/clothes while still vomiting. 

So the other day