Easter Eggstravaganza + Kinder Surprise Egg

I'm so lucky that I've moved all the way from tiny ole Holly, MI to an even tinier Englewood, FL, yet my high school best friend lives minutes away. Bonus that she puts on the most amazing get togethers for little ones. And this Easter Pancake Brunch + Egg Hunt was no disappointment.

Project Life- WHY

So, it's been a long time coming. I've had a love for memory keeping since I was 16. I filled dozens of albums throughout high school. It's where my obsession with pretty paper started. I even have one full of photo's from my 21st year of life- it's definitely one that will be hidden from my children!! (One of those stages where clothes were way too small and the rum consumption was way too high.)

Miniature Golf // Putt-Putt // Evie's Family Golf

Well, it didn't start off as planned. ONE- it was fixin' to rain... TWO- Abel fell asleep in the car and woke up pissed off at the world. 'Tis is life (a life that made me want to ditch the kids and head to that neighboring tavern!). Craig and I made a bet on who would win and basically let the kids go crazy.

South Jetty // Venice, FL

Dolphins galore- this is why we love heading here. We've watched dolphins play in the waves, manatees swim and we've even watched a few sharks caught and released. We see dolphins all the time, yet each time we act like tourists "AHH, DOLPHIN, DID YOU SEE IT. RIGHT THERE. OH LOOK... RIGHT THERE". 

Camping in the Everglades

So.... the Everglades were AH.MAZE.ING!

The camp site wasn't our favorite, BUT we made do. It's funny that most people prefer a bathroom with running water, when we specifically look for the ones that say NO RUNNING WATER. (I mean, if we wanted to Glamp... we'd go stay in a hotel.)  It was our first time not having a water source, but we brought enough. It was also our first time not buying ANY firewood, so we sent the kids to earn their keep, which they LOVED.