I'm Kristan Carroll. Supermom to three little ones; Adelyn- 7, Stone- 5 & Abel-3. Baby Momma to my middle school sweetheart. (That's a lie, I had a crush on him in middle school and he had no idea who I was! hah)

Last year I closed a pretty  successful greeting card business, to spend more time with the littles. I like to call myself a 'half-ass blogger' because I tend do go through high seasons and low seasons of posts.  Most of my time, now, is spent helping others build the business of their dreams and helping thousands of families find wellness with Young Living Essential oils

Here I write about well... everything- from our daily life, to trying to get my kids to enjoy eating vegan and maybe a little bit about how amazing essential oils are. I've recently become obsessed with Project Life and my planner (say what?!)- so I'm sure I'll be sharing all craziness too.

 I love sharing photo's- giving peeks into our beach life in a  >500 sq ft home. Yes, we're a family of five, tiny house living. Don't be J. Tiny house living is amazing, but definitely has a CONS list too!