BUMP-IT with no bump-it

There are 3 steps to the tease. 
Step 1- Tease… I mean really tease… like RAT THAT SHIT. hah. Take your layer, put the comb at your root, and tease atleast 5 times, move the comb up a little bit, and do the same thing. You want about 3-4 inches teased, depending on your length. This is a crucial step, if you’re not teasing right, it won’t stay. (the Sister read through this to make sure I didn’t leave out anything and she made me put an extra emphasis on the teasing… see.. it’s important!)
Step 2. Spray a bit of hairspray onto your tease.
Step 3-  Shoot it with the blow dryer to dry the hairspray.

That’s pretty much it. Once every thing is smoothed out play with the pieces, you may have to go back in and tease a few random stubborn layers. Spray your whole head with hairspray. You’re done.
Whether it’s being worn down, being curled or put in a pony… my hair is always styled this way first.
I’ve tried so many volumizing products and they all tend to make my hair look and feel gross, plus they weigh my hair down


NOTE: I am NO hairdresser. hah. This is simply me sharing my hair routine.
I have super fine hair. Baby fine.And it has NO natural volume to it whatsoever. If I just blow dry it… it’s stick straight and flat to my head. I know that my hair looks thicker but it’s just all the teasing (ratting) I do to my roots.  So here is how I get my volume. 
FYI: I don’t use any product in my hair prior to blow drying. Just shampoo and conditioner and it’s then it’s blown dry upside down.

happiness brought to you by glasses and babes

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