We're on a food journey. Soaking in as much knowledge as our brains will allow. It's funny how things that we never gave much thought, like our food, becomes a daily hot topic.

Finding new ways to prepare and cook classic meals has become a fun experiment. A few months ago, we had never known what Quinoa was, now it's a daily staple. Taking out the meat in pasta and replacing with greens would have never happened last year! I never thought there would be a day when fresh organic produce would take over our fridge. And beans... who knew beans could be so good!

I went from drinking 3-4 cups of coffee, filled with creamer packed full of refined sugar... and added more heaping teaspoons of refined sugar, daily, to drinking 1 maybe 2 cups of organic coffee sans sugar and only a small amount of soy creamer. Life changing shit right there!


turning 6 // Adelyn Grace