turning 6 // Adelyn Grace

She woke up happy. She kept saying thank you over and over. She asked me if I did all of this for her, I said yes. She gave me a big hug and told me I was the best mom in the whole entire world.

We decorated the house full of Frozen banners and balloons. We made birthday pancakes, complete with a birthday candle and wish.

I'm the furthest thing from the best mom, but you my little angel make me want to be a better person! We put too much pressure on you most days to be the oldest, the leader, the peacekeeper of your wild brothers. You are strong willed but have a forgiving heart, thank goodness... because lord knows we all need bit of forgiveness.

Like I say every year, you made me a mom. You showed me what it was like to have my heart beating outside of my body. I am forever grateful and beyond blessed to be able to watch you grow and learn about life through your eyes.
Happy 6th Birthday Adelyn Grace!