oils. // my face routine

Since making such a drastic diet change, I feel it is also important to know what our skin is ingesting. After  having my third babe (#abelcash) my hormones went crazy and my face looked like a 13 yo school boy. So I upped my water intake, took a complete 180 spin on my diet/nutrition- and then realized that our skin is the largest organ, and ingests EVERYTHING we put on it... que OILS!!

I have to preface this by stating that providing hormonal support, I feel was one of the missing pieces in my skin puzzle. Using Progessence Plus daily (amazing for all things female!) and EndoFlex to support my Thyroid gland were HUGE game changers for me.

Washing my face with face soap has been something imbedded into my brain. And stopping that ritual was hard. I couldn't wrap my  mind around. I knew all the horrible chemical that were in cleansers, and I knew I needed them out of my life. But, I was dealing with stubborn hormonal acne that started in my third pregnancy, and just never went away and these cleansers promised me hope. None of which worked their mysterious magic. I was desperate when I came across the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). Understanding how cleaning my face with oils would work (and not break me out) had me lost, but I tried it. And I loved it! I really feel it brought my skin and it's natural oil back to their original state. And now, I don't ever wash my face. Some warm water and a washcloth is all I need. And I've found this is the case with most OCM users, they only use OCM when they need a good deep cleaning. Other than that they just use warm water.

The oils.
Lemon. Lavendar. Tea Tre. Frankincense.
In that order, layered.
I can not talk highly enough about YL's tea tree oil! I've used tea tree oil since I was in my teens, when a friend told me how great it is for blemishes... but it never worked, I've always kept a bottle, and used it from time to time.... but in reality I had already written it off. YL's tea tree oils is a whole new ball game!
I originally started with just lemon then lavender and finally frank on my face. I noticed a huge improvement, but I was still getting minor bumps and breakouts, it wasn't until adding YL's tea tree oil that I saw such an amazing improvement. Literally night and day!

There are many oils that are great for your skin. These are the only ones I use right now, but do plan on doing some experimenting. I plan on playing with pachouli and clary sage to see how/if they help. For now, here's why I chose these:

Lemon oil encourages the exfoliation of dead skin cells and long term use can help soften scar tissue. Helps promote proper function of the sebaceous glands (glands that secrete oil).
Lavender oil calms and soothes the skin, it aids in balancing oil production, aiding blemishes and stimulating the circulation of the skin.
Frankincense promotes regeneration of healthy cells while keeping the existing cells healthy. It also helps to repair the superficial layers of the skin. It is great for fading suns spots and scaring.
Tea tree oil has been found, though slower acting, to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide and causes less dryness, stinging and redness!

**Copaiba is great for fine-lines- turning 30 means I NEED copaiba in my life.


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