SOOTHE that sunburnt skin

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on that store bought aloe marketed for sunburns? Since when is alcohol good for your skin? It's drying and damaging. And when I scanned ours with the Think Dirty app... it did NOT rate well.

My parents have an abundance of aloe plants, huge aloe plants, so running over there to cut a few leaves is simple (I'm not sure about other states, but here in FL you can find huge aloe leaves for sale at Publix). I always have fresh aloe on hand, since it's the only moisturizer I use when my face is feeling a bit tired and dry.

Lavender applied neat to the sunburn, followed with a fresh cut piece of aloe (just rub the slimy goodness right from the leaf onto your burn)... and maybe add some Frankincense && your skin will be thanking you.

No peeling from here on out! And don't forget that sunscreen next time!
*TIP: keep your aloe leaves stored in the fridge, it feels amazing applying cool aloe to your hot sunburnt skin.

Want to make your own LavaDerm spray?! 

30 drops YL Lavender EO
5 drops Peppermint
1-2 TBSP fresh aloe (the gooey stuff)

Add everything into a 2oz spray bottle, shake well before each use.


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