the worst kind of call  + PanAway- the muscle saver

the worst kind of call + PanAway- the muscle saver

Monday afternoon I got the call I have been dreading since Craig bought his motorcycle. He was in an accident. I had just seen him 7 minutes prior, watched him walk out the door with the normal love you's and byes. He left at 3:00 pm and my phone rang at 3:07 pm. He was in a motorcycle accident. So many things ran through my mind. Where are you at? What happened? I'm on my way. Chaos! Gathering the kids up in the van, trying to maneuver around the winter Florida traffic. Calling my aunt to start a prayer chain, my mom to meet me to get the kids at the scene. Shaking uncontrollably. I could barely press the gas pedal down with my violent shaking. The few minutes it took to arrive had me running all sorts of scenarios through my mind, few of which were positive. All I knew is that he had called me, and his head was gushing blood. I remembered the stories of the accident victims who were up, walking and talking and then BAM! dead the next second.

He was fine! Banged up, lots of cuts and bruises. Went through the back window of a small SUV, but alive and well. (que the choir singing).

As soon as all that adrenalin started wearing off he could feel the pain. Muscles stretched and twisted in ways they should not be. The sheer impact of hitting a stopped car on a motorcycle would wreak havoc on anyones body. So as soon as we got home I started an oil regiment. Using the Deep Relief roll-on and PanAway. Everyone kept telling him how much pain he would be in the next day, and he knew it would be bad. But to our surprise, the following morning the first thing he said was "I don't feel as bad as I thought I would". Don't get me wrong, he was SORE, but it was bearable. We continued (and still are) using our oil regime, adding lavender to his scrapes and bruises and peppermint between the use of other oils. And he's healing up much faster that we initially thought.

I can't say enough about these oils. My mother was involved in a car accident almost two years ago, and she has had constant pain issues and muscle tightness in her neck. We finally started putting some peppermint oil on her tender spots, and the next day she was amazed at the range of motion she had in her neck! I added some Deep Relief roll-on and PanAway the following day and she is now a believer! (all the praise emoji's)

I would love to hear your testimonies using PanAway, Deep Relief roll-on or Peppermint.

The best part is that PanAway and Peppermint oil come in the starter kit! As always, if you have any question, please don't hesitate to email me or contact me on Facebook


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