"A snapshot of my littles almost every week in 2015."

There was a time when we went to the beach and it was kind of a dreaded affair. The sand was too hot for tender baby feet and always made it into eyeballs and the salt in the water was just too much for babies and toddlers. We had to drag bags and bags of things out to the shore, only to end up having to leave after an hour because the whining and sand and salt became too much.

I knew it was just a season, this too shall pass; as everything always does. And it has. The kids are now swimming in the ocean, walking out and letting the waves bring them back tp shore. They bring their goggles and search for sea creatures. Adelyn has a huge interest in skim boarding, so Craig has been working with her... the boys would rather hang ten on the sand as of now.

Florida life isn't picture perfect. The kids whine a lot, I yell too often and Craig and I bicker way too much about mundane shit that doesn't matter in the big scheme of life. BUT the fact I get to look at it, life that is- the good, the bad, the ugly,  through a beachfront lens makes it my perfect.