the other day.

Everyone always gets a kick out of Stone's puke stories. The kid vomits over everything, some one spits out their food- he vomits. Bad smell- vomits. Looks at his own vomit- vomits. I've never met someone like this... sure we all have that gag-reflex... but this is ridiculous. Sometimes, he will stuff his mouth so full of food, that he gags. We tell him to stop, but he doesn't listen. And then the gag's turn into vomit, and he's looking at the vomit, vomiting, crying that there's vomit on his hands/clothes while still vomiting. 

So the other day, Adelyn pulled some sort of bugger, from her nose or mouth... I'm not quite sure... she's still unclear where It came from. I told her to go and throw it in the garbage, and as she passes by Stone she shows him. She knows better! He immediately put his hands over his mouth and, yup, projectile vomits as he's screaming GROSSSSSSS. The scene unfolds something like this:
Adelyn, don't show your.... Stone, NO, don't.... TOWEL... BRING ME A TOWEL, Stone stay away, don't look. Abel, STOP, NO....

Abel runs out wondering what all the commotion is about and slides right through the vomit, slamming down onto his back, 


I can't help but laugh hysterically in the moment. You know, that crazy laugh mom's do? The one where you just want to scream and cry because 'why  me' but instead you laugh... because in the big scheme of life... this is really laughable. And if you're not laughing, you're crying... and laughter is just so much better.