Camping in the Everglades

So.... the Everglades were AH.MAZE.ING!

The camp site wasn't our favorite, BUT we made do. It's funny that most people prefer a bathroom with running water, when we specifically look for the ones that say NO RUNNING WATER. (I mean, if we wanted to Glamp... we'd go stay in a hotel.)  It was our first time not having a water source, but we brought enough. It was also our first time not buying ANY firewood, so we sent the kids to earn their keep, which they LOVED.

Photo Feb 20, 7 31 40 AM.jpg

Sometimes we'll be at home, I'll look around and see the TV going, computer screen bright and 5 electronics going at once and I'll think - man, I do not have this whole parenting thing down. But then we spend a weekend with literally ZERO cell service, no electricity and no WiFi. I see the kids playing, laughing and not asking for an iPod, iPad or iPhone once time and I think- maybe, just maybe I'm doing something right.

AIRBOAT RIDES. Prepare for alligator overload. I mean, they are alligators, do seeing alligators really EVER get old?!?! We saw so many, and each time it was just as mesmerizing.

Yes the gators were this close to us, you could literally not even try to reach out and touch them. And IF they wanted to, they most certainly would come into the boat. However- these gators want nothing more to do with you, than you do with them.

This photo looks all sweet and innocent, but what you may not be able to tell, is that this walkway is surrounded by water. Water that goes all the way up to the boards. Imagine turning the corner, to see Stone down on all fours going to pet the 'baby' (which was not so baby) alligator who's nose was touching the walkway. Talk about FREAK OUT mode. HAH. One for the memory bank!

Sunday definitely came TOO soon. But we packed up and headed out to take the scenic route home. If you're ever camping down there, be sure to take Loop road all the way across. We saw so many alligators just hanging out sunbathing, and again- each time it was just as shocking as the last.

Of course, Craig couldn't leave without touching the biggest gator we saw. As soon as he touched the tail, it whipped across and in the same instant he was in the water.