Miniature Golf // Putt-Putt // Evie's Family Golf

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Well, it didn't start off as planned. ONE- it was fixin' to rain... TWO- Abel fell asleep in the car and woke up pissed off at the world. 'Tis is life (a life that made me want to ditch the kids and head to that neighboring tavern!). Craig and I made a bet on who would win and basically let the kids go crazy.

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Funny story! So, I was actually happy that it was sprinkling- it meant that we were the only ones on the course. Since it was the kids first time playing- I knew it would take forever (SQUIRREL). Around Hole 9, a group of teens showed up behind us. Now- I've been a teen, and as a teen- I knew the rules of PuttPutt- this was not their first rodeo. If you don't know the rules of PuttPutt, the only one you really need know is that you do not start on a hole that is currently being played by another group. You have 2 options- 1. Wait silently and patiently or 2. move ahead, and come back to that hole when you're done. So we're on put 2 or 3 and they start to play on our hole... UHM... y'all need to wait your turn. I was nice, but let them know. So we move onto the next hole... and there's a big pond, you have to hit your ball over this area to get to the other side.... well, we're moving to the other side... and someone chucks their ball and it lands by my foot. What's a girl to do?? Pick up the damn ball and throw it in the pond, that is what she does! Craig was mortified yet I felt a bit triumphant in my little hissy fit. Now the know the rules- and we didn't have any other issues with them.

Craig won- if you're wondering.