Project Life- WHY

So, it's been a long time coming. I've had a love for memory keeping since I was 16. I filled dozens of albums throughout high school. It's where my obsession with pretty paper started. I even have one full of photo's from my 21st year of life- it's definitely one that will be hidden from my children!! (One of those stages where clothes were way too small and the rum consumption was way too high.)

Then I had kids, and scrapbooking became a thing of the past. With digital cameras and the invention of FB- it just seems pointless. There were always way too many photo's, of basically the same thing. I made a digital one of Adelyn's first year that I had printed- and then NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. My poor boys! hah.

Insert Project Life. or Pocket Scrapping as a lot of people call it. This has been around forever. I remember Andrea (my friend retrohipmama) posting about it way back when. My initial thought- all the way up until now, was- "That's not scrapbooking", because it wasn't the traditional scrapbooking I was accustomed to. HOWEVER, it's life changing! OH.EM.GE. How did I wait so long to get into this ridiculously addicting project.

You basically print your photo's, buy some pretty card inserts (or get you some printable like I did) but everything into the photo sleeves and BAM- you're done.

I decided to start with 2015- I wanted to get all of my favorite photo's off my phone and in print. So that's where I started, and now I'm wanting to scour FB, Myspace and the iCloud to find photo's to document 2009 (year Adelyn was born) to present time. 

I bought a few Value PL kits, but the majority of them were printable kits. And I scanned Pinterest for some fun quotes, and printed those off too.

I really love that I can go back on FB or IG to find a photo and see what I said about it, or scan through specific months to see what was going on and then document it in the PL album.

Starting it on a whim, and losing 1/3 of my photo's from 2015 when my phone was run over (and not backdated) will make this album not as in depth or 'complete' as future ones- but I'm so happy I've started. And I can't wait to document my progress here.