Let Me See Your Planner // Week 20

Photo May 17, 5 33 58 PM.jpg

This has been my favorite spread so far. I feel like it all came together really nicely- there's a FIRST! Black, Gold & Turquoise= LOVE

I am in love with the Create 365 Happy Planner stickers. I have them all, and sometimes it's too hard to pick a quote for the week.

I've made a goal to start reading more, so I've added a reading sticker with the book I'm reading this week. It's something I think I'll continue onto future weeks as well. I feel like mixing business with home life mixes well for me in this planner. There are many crazy planner addicts that have multiple planners, but I just don't see myself having more than one.

Photo May 21, 11 05 58 AM.jpg

I enjoy lists making, and always keep a spot on the weekend for one. Craig will be gone this weekend, so it's lots of cleaning for me. 

You can't see it in the photo's so far, but at the end of the day or week, I'll go in and add little things I want to remember for future Project Life spreads- So the planner has become a bit of a memory keeper too.