Daughter Date // Target-Sharky's-SnoQueen

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Adelyn is your typical oldest child. The expectations of the oldest child are hard to meet. This I know, because I was the oldest. Yet, I still create these standards for her that are completely out of her grasp. "Let them be little" is something I always say- and truly believe in, yet my actions speak the opposite.

She's becoming her own little person. Her own thoughts, ideas and wishes and is not easily swayed on any of the above. She's stubborn and strong-willed and will quickly call you out on your BS.

We started our Girls Day off at Target, where we acted like the kids we are. And she talked me into some fake press-on nails. Her day was made.

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After leaving Target our plan was to stop at Smoothie King then head to the South Jetty where we could sit on a picnic table and put them on. I repeatedly told her that “No, we’re not putting them on in the van, we will open them when we get there.” Well… Smoothie King was closed, so we detoured to Sharky’s on the Pier- where I found her with a thumb nail on the pinky finger, and a few others- along with some missing nails- lost somewhere between the van and the sidewalk. 
So, I packaged them up, put them in my purse and said we’d put them on some other time- but definitely not today. She cried, and I kept calm. Explaining how I knew she was mad at me- and that it’s ok to feel that. She said I was the meanest mom, and that she wanted a new one- who let her do what she wanted to do (see the mean muggin' photo above). I told her that I understood if she didn’t want to spend the day with me any more, and we could just go home. (Oh man- not caving is HARD! I wanted so badly to just make everything in her world perfect again) I said that it was her choice. Just like it was her choice to not listen to me earlier. I told her I would not spend the day watching her sulk. We could either make the best of the rest of the day, walk the pier and make memories, or head home.

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She chose the pier. And quickly forgot that I was the meanest mom ever.

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We ended our Girls Day at the SnoQueen and our little mean-mom hiccup was long forgotten. I had the best day with the one who made me a mom. She will forever be my favorite daughter.