Let Me See Your Planner // Week 21

Photo Jun 02, 5 34 35 PM.jpg

It's funny how you can plan a week, and it makes you feel so happy, then you go to the next week.. and something is just missing. Something was off- I think it's the confetti sticker and wash that's throwing me off.... maybe the pink too- I'm not much of a pink gal. If I cover them up, I like the layout- good to know for future planning.

Photo Jun 02, 5 34 45 PM.jpg

I was so excited for Jury Duty! It's the first time I've ever received a summons. Imagine my disappointment when I drove the 45 minutes, only to be told they didn't need me. (Note to Self: call the number the night before like the instructions say!)

Also note the 4 books read this week! WHAT the WHAT!? All sleezy romance novels- the best kind and all of which I recommend to you!

Photo Jun 02, 5 34 53 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 02, 5 34 59 PM.jpg