Memorial Day Fun // The Jungle Book + Beaches

Photo May 30, 10 35 43 AM.jpg

We started our Memorial Day morning at the movie theatre. The Jungle Book was so good you guys!  The kids enjoyed it, and stayed glued to the screen. However, afterwards- they were a bit ungrateful and we had to have a long talk about manners, gratefulness and not being assholes- before heading to the beach.

Photo May 30, 5 33 27 PM.jpg

Abel loves the ocean, and is not one bit afraid to head out with his brother and sister. He's not a strong swimmer like the other two yet, so he must wear his lifejacket (yes.. it's pink... no i'm not spending money to replace it just because it's pink- hand-me-downs are your BFF people). However, he has recently decided to try going out without it, inching further and further out, until he's called back and forced to put it back on. This kid will be my dare devil, the one who double my gray hairs on the daily.

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