Let Me See Your Planner // June 2016 + Week 22

Photo Jun 03, 12 17 00 PM.jpg

June's Monthly Spread was a hard one this month, I couldn't get it to sit right with me. I added and removed stickers, and had to strategically place a few things to cover up bad ideas. This is as good as it gets for June people. There's always next month.

Photo Jun 03, 12 15 56 PM.jpg

The flamingo washi has to be my favorite washi tape ever!  All the same elements, a Weekly Top List, Daily Top 3 Lists and a Weekend List. Feeling decent about this weeks spread- still trying to find my groove, but that's the creative process I guess.
Really loving the Facebook Like icon stickers and the movie star rating stamp. We've gotten into the whole Marvel movies, and are watching them in order- Nerd Alert!

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Photo Jun 03, 12 16 31 PM.jpg
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