Biking through Englewood, FL // Lemon Bay Park

Photo Apr 24, 3 38 46 PM.jpg

How lucky we are that my dad has a RIDICULOUSLY expensive bike that we get to borrow. It's his main means of transportation, so when they went on a cruise for the weekend, we took full advantage of having it at our disposal.

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We biked from my parents house in north Englewood to Lemon Bay park and then to the Veterans Memorial. A roundtrip total of about 8 miles and Adelyn was a CHAMP!

Photo Apr 24, 2 38 43 PM.jpg

My favorite part was coming out onto the water on our bikes. I had no idea this little area existed, and I'm already planning our next adventure there.  A little oasis just minutes from the house.

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We love my dads bike (a Surly Big Dummy for those wondering), but the only down side is that there are no seat belts, so when we were about 10 minutes from home- Abel started dozing off. Stone was freaking out, because if Abel went down, so did he. We tried to get Stone to stabilize him by pushing him against the seat, but he kept tipping. We couldn't stop laughing between screaming ABEL WAKE UP and Stone being the worry-wort that he is. It made a great ending to our little adventure.