Easter Eggstravaganza + Kinder Surprise Egg

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I'm so lucky that I've moved all the way from tiny ole Holly, MI to an even tinier Englewood, FL, yet my high school best friend lives minutes away. Bonus that she puts on the most amazing get togethers for little ones. And this Easter Pancake Brunch + Egg Hunt was no disappointment.

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Fresh fruit, pancakes and muffins- the kids were in heaven and a Bunny Hop Race to boot.

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Of course Adelyn won- she was the biggest kid there. I tried talking her into giving the stuffed bunny prize to another little one- but she held onto that damn thing like it was the Stanley Cup.

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The egg hunt was great- way too much candy, but you should have saw the kids faces when they got their take-home goodie bag. A Kind Surprise Egg- something they've only ever saw on YouTube- since these highly coveted eggs are banned in the states. Ash will forever be the mom my kids wish they had!

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