Sticky Note Obsessed + Reusable Stickers-Tips & Tricks

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The most amazing sticky-note investment I've made! These bad boys STICK! I've bought a few really cute stickies- but they just don't stick. These bad boys are not only cute, they are functional (right in my planner) and they STICK!

Photo Jun 04, 11 18 38 AM.jpg

I also recently purchased some of these MambiSticks stickers. The thing with stickers- I often get attached to them and want to reuse them- and well... lets be real- stickers are not cheap! So I've come up with a solution to make them reusable. 

All you need is white Post-It tape, that's it. Apply the sticker to the tape, cut it out... and your sticker is now reusable! WAHOO!
If your sticker is larger, apply as many strips of Post-It tape to a non-stick surface, then apply the sticker to cut out

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