Last Day of School // bring on the homeschooling

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We have a Second Grader on our hands people! Miss. Adelyn Grace is constantly surprising me with her smarts. First grade was an amazing year, and I will be forever grateful to her First Grade teacher, since she's the one that confirmed my decision to homeschool. One may think that's a bad thing, a teacher being the reason I'm choosing to homeschool. But let me preface a bit by stating that homeschooling has always been my wish- yet I fell into the routine of doing what everyone else was doing. This year made me realize that my kids are spending way too much time away from me, this year I felt completely empowered to take my children's education into my own hands. I am so excited for what this means and what lies ahead.

The habits she's picked up from her peers- most are not ones we find acceptable in our home. And while the level of respect we expect still maintains, it's been hard to break those habits she's seeing and hearing on a daily basis. So, we'll join local homeschooling groups where the children can see how adults interact on an acceptable level, and mimic those, rather than the schoolyard bullying. We'll have playdates and extra curricular activities so their socialization remains intact. And the best thing of all, is we won't be tied own to a strict routine. If we want to go visit family, we can take our work with us. How amazing!

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Mr. Stone Liam has improved leaps and bounds in his academic learning! His PreK teacher was worried about him all through the school year, but we kept strong- reiterating that he would catch on when he's ready... and that he did. Exceeding all levels and only slightly behind in Math (c'mon- his math in this PreK program is the same Math Adelyn was brining home the first few months of 1st grade). He's maintained his sweetness, even with a few little shitheads in his class and I'm so happy his innocence is still intact.

We'll be starting our Homeschool lessons mid-summer, getting a head start to make sure I know what I've gotten myself into. I have so many friends who homeschool and a whole network of women cheering me on and there to help with whatever I need. I can't wait to see what this next school year holds.