Let Me See Your Planner // Week 23

Photo Jun 07, 10 59 57 AM.jpg

So I'm in love with the hexagon stickies- I want them in every single color, so I can use them ever single week. LOL. I'll use them to write down thing I want to remember this weekend- I try to make each weekend some sort of adventure- and then document it. Having an area designated to this helps me out so much.

Photo Jun 07, 11 01 03 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 07, 11 00 45 AM.jpg

There are lots of stickers on this week. These were mainly to cover all of my mess-ups. I took a few pieces my Post-It tape, stamped them, then stuck them on a piece of paper, ran it through the typewriter. So much prettier the white-out.

I stuck with the same Weekly Top 5 and the Daily Top 3, this will never change.

Photo Jun 07, 11 00 50 AM.jpg

Below is a HORRIBLE quality photo (not that the others are much better. hah). But it gives you an idea of the layout before any stamping or writing. I tend to layout all my stickers and washi, then move onto stamps and finally writing stuff in.

Photo Jun 06, 7 27 53 AM (1).jpg