essential oils + skin care // my daily routine (UPDATED)

I did a post about my skin care routine awhile back, but it's changed a bit- and it's something I get asked the most questions about, so I figured I'd do an updated version.

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Let's talk carrier oil for the face.  First things first, always choose cold pressed & unrefined. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Leven Rose carrier oils. They have SO many to choose from, and really go out of their way to make sure they are not only sourcing the highest quality carrier oil, but that it's fair-trade and kind to our environment- that's huge for me! (AND no animal testing! WINNING!)

I use the Black Castor Oil as an eye makeup remover, just a few drops massaged over my lashes/eyes then wiped off with a warm washcloth- it takes off even the most stubborn waterproof mascara!

This Coffee Bean Oil is a GAME CHANGER! We all know the skin benefits of coffee, right?! I mean, I'm not the only crazy person walking around with coffee grounds on my face after the kids go to bed, am I? Basically, it can increase collagen + elastin naturally. I take a drop and massage around my eyes an mouth- think crows feet and laugh lines.

Rosehip oil is a girls best friend. I use it as one would a moiturizer- it only takes a drop or two. I just lightly pat it on after putting some essential oils on my face.

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Now I'm getting ahead of myself with the carriers oils. Here's my step by step routine:

I take off my eye make-up with the castor oil. 

I take my Tea Tree and dab it on my face (cheeks, chin and forehead). I take a warm washcloth and give my face a short steam, then massage around- cleansing makeup and any debris off my face. If I need a deep cleaning, I use the OCM method- for me this is a few drops of castor oil + a few drops of Rosehip with a drop of Tea Tree, massaged onto face and then steamed off with a wash cloth (if this doesn't make sense, please Google "Oil Cleansing Method" and see how using oils to clean your face, actually makes it LESS oily)

I layer the essential oils onto my face, each time it's a different order, and I don't notice a difference. I do not apply a carrier oil for two reasons. One- I moisturize in step 4 with a carrier oil and Two- the essential oils I use on my face are pretty gentle.

I apply the Coffee Bean Oil under my eyes and around my mouth, then take a pre-mixed drop of Rosehip Oil + Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and massage it onto areas I feel need a bit of extra moisture.

Step 5: TONER
I made up an easy DIY face mist/toner and it's my favorite.

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These are the oils I use in Step 3. Manuka is used kind of like a spot treatment, if I have any sort of blemish popping up. And that Rose right there, listen- it's EXPENSIVE (it takes 22 pounds of rose petals to make ONE 5-ml bottle) but it lasts awhile and works better than any $100 aging cream I've used! I only use it on the most problematic areas and I don't even use a full drop, just a swipe on the top of the orface reducer.

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If my skin is producing a bit more oil than I feel it should be, I break out my Lemon, since it helps balance those oil glands, and Copaiba is another great one for aging skin/fine lines.



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