Positivity vs Negativity // Cracking the Instagram Code

If you know me at all, you know I love a good PSA, or rather love giving a good PSA.  So here it goes.

In this world of social media, it's all about who has the most followers, comments and likes. Hey, I get it. Just know, that- 1. everyone will not like you- it has nothing to do with YOU. So be OK with that. And 2. you always have two choices in life A) seek positivity and B) seek the negative. Always choose option A in a public forum!

This PSA has stemmed from an IG challenge I entered. Specifically Jenna's 7-Days to Cracking the Instagram Code challenge. So, you enter the 7-day challenge, and she sends you an email with a link into the closed FB group created for this challenge. This group has THOUSANDS of people- so of course you're going to have some rotten apples. However, it just goes to show that you have two choices- positive or negative.

SO.MUCH.COMPLAINING. In this group. LOL. OMG. "I can't get followers" , "I feel like this is just a follow train- I thought this was more than that" , "Jenna said not to promote yourself or be spammy, yet my newsfeed is full of people shouting themselves out, I'm going to leave"- I mean... I could literally go on and on about all the crazy posts I saw. And the challenge hadn't even started, Jenna hadn't even sent the first days challenge yet, and people were already complaining that it wasn't working for them. WHAT?!  I just kept scrolling. When I want to post something mean, or call someone out on their annoying-ness or stupidity, I think of Dory and sing "Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling"... I think everyone should do the same. LOL.

Let me give you a little example.

So this morning, I wake up to a post from Jenna, stating that she's disabled the feature to post into the group. She said that she wanted to free up everyones time, and allow us to focus on the challenge itself (which comes via email), she specifically asked people not to spam their links in the comments. We made it about 800 comments in, before someone goes and throws their link out there. My initial thought was "you didn't even read this, if you did, you wouldn't have linked to yourself, because she clearly stated not to." My second thought was "someone is going to call her out and be mean". Third thought was "She just wants to connect, she's desperate to tell her story and just wants someone to read it" and my final though was "I'm going to click her link".

So I did, I clicked her link, liked some photo's. I saw she was a blogger, so I clicked her blog and read through a few things. I took time to connect with her by going back to her IG and making a comment about one of her blog posts, and why I loved it, then went back and commented on that blog post, stating that I left a comment on IG but wanted to here too... because I also loved [this..this & this]. I also followed her on IG.

THIS is what the challenge is about. CONNECTING. Not just posting a photo or your link and hoping someone will follow you... it's about you taking the time to make the connection yourself!

Now, while I know so many people in that group are rolling their eyes at her self promotion, I'm giving her MAD PROPS. She broke the rules. She said "I have nothing to lose by posting my link" and she didn't lose anything, she gained a follower and someone her genuinely liked her honesty.

Do you see how amazing positivity is? What it can do for you?

Which brings me to my next topic. ENTITLEMENT. Entitlement pisses me off. Reading all these girls posting about how they aren't getting followers, how they aren't making connections. I don't see them commenting on ANYONES introductions- unless it's to post their own link. You didn't make a connection... you  just said 'follow me'- WHY?!

The biggest tip I can give you, right now- if you're in the market to grow your IG following or any social media platform- CONNECT. If someone comments- comment back, respond to them, ACKNOWLEDGE them. If someone follows you, click them and heart a few things.. maybe follow them back if you like what you see. Spend 1 hour every day getting lost on IG.. clicking hashtags that pertain to your niche and then click random comments on photos and heart their stuff.. follow a few- COMMENT on their pictures- make CONNECTIONS.  Your tribe will come IF you're connecting to them- but darling, you gotta put in some work.

You know how excited you get when you get a new follower or a really nice comment from a random person? Go make someone else feel that way, right now! It's not about what they can do for you, but what you can do for them!