non toxic perfumes

non toxic perfumes


Perfume is a huge staple for a lot of women. A lot of us have our signiture scent- mine use to be Lolita Lempicka. & we women have ZERO issue dropping 100's of dollars on that special bottle.

Perfumes are merely scents/aromatics that can trigger memories, evoke feelings of confidence, sexiness, etc... & easily become a part of our daily ritual.

Ditching the synthetic & hormone disrupting fragrances can be a tough pill to swallow- I know it was for me. So I wanted to make sure you all knew how to create your own signature scents.

I recently ordered Melissa Poepping's newest book : Essential Parfumerie & I'm obsessed. I don't want to give away all of her secrets and amazing aromatic scents, but I did want to give you a bit of insight on how to make your own perfume.


Select a tall, slim 10 ml roll-on bottle with a stainless steel roller ball.
Add the essential oils of your selected aromatic (note: the order matters when using Melissa’s specific recipes).
Fill bottle to top with 80 proof vodka

Select 2 oz fine mist aromatic spray bottle.
Add the essential oils of your selected aromatic
Fill bottle with 1 oz 80 proof vodka & 1 oz pure water (or as appropriate.

• EAU DE TOILETTE - (body mist)
Select a 4-6 oz fine mist aromatic spray bottle
Add essential oils of your selected aromatic.
Fill bottle with 1 oz 80 proof vodka and 3-5 oz pure water.

Note: Substituting witch hazel for vodka will change the scent composition.


I've made 7 out of 21 of her aromatic scents. I love them all! I'm only going to share 3 with you- one from each collection. If you want them all, I highly recommend her book & think it's well with the $15.

• M- Part of the Classic Collection: The most gorgeous combination of citrus and floral wrapped in a curios base of sweet vanilla.

15 drops Orange
10 drops Bergamot
8 drops Grapefruit 
4 drops Jasmine 
5 drops Rose 
1 drop Patchouli 
1 drop Vetiver
10 dops Vanilla

• Solace- Part of the Innocent Collection: The layers of aromas will take you on a flight through deep florals and sharp citrus notes.

1 drop Laurus Nobilis
1 drop Copaiba
4 drops Lime
4 drops Cedarwood
4 drops Lavender
2 drops Rose
4 drops Geranium
2 drops Spruce
5 drops Orange
1 drop Ylang Ylang
1 drop Cinnamon
1 drop Neroli
5 drops Bergamot
3 drops Jasmine

• VENGEANCE- Part of the Sultry Collection: A light citrus top note that quickly wraps itself into the depths of a smoky amber floral

15 drops Bergamot
9 drops Grapefruit 
2 drops Rose 
3 drops Jasmine 
2 drops Patchouli 
2 drops Vetiver 
3 drops Palo Santo 

Have you made a signature scent? I'd love to hear what combo's/scents are working for you.

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