healthy skin.

healthy skin.

Walking through my skin troubles has NOT made me an expert on skin, but it has taught me a few things. I struggled with my skin for about 2 years before finding relief and a routine that works. A lot of it had to do with working on internal issue but it definitely matters what you’re putting n your skin too.



OK, I am obsessed with these makeup erasing towels! Simply wet & wipe. No excuses as to why you can’t get that makeup off your face before bed, let that skin breathe!!! The backside of this cloth also doubles as a exfoliator.

TIP for that waterproof mascara- use castor oil. It takes the waterproof mascara off with ease + it’s so good for your lashes!!!!


I never knew this before I started down my skin journey. You’re suppose to wash the make up off your face and then cleanse your skin with your cleanser. Just me? I’ve tried a lot of cleansers & have found that this simple charcoal bar soap works the best.


The backside of the makeup eraser cloth linked above works great to exfoliate, but I love the minty amazingness of the Satin Mint Scrub. It doesn’t have those plastic beads that are horrible for the environment- 100% eco-friendly & vegan.

Why exfoliate? You have to get that dead skin off in order for any of the products (think wrinkle creams, etc..) to get into the skin, plus it helps keep your skin looking fresh and glow-y.


Finding a moisturizer can be hard, skin types are all so different. This dry skin serum has been a life saver when visiting dryer climates that my skin isn’t used to. It smells like heaven & when you pair it with a jade roller or facial blaster- you can say good bye to fine lines!!

I use a renewal serum + an orange blossom moisturizer- good for all skin types but especially oil-proned skin.


The skin is often referenced as a mirror to your gut. Research has shown that some forms of acne have nothing to do with your skin, but rather your gut. So looking at your internal health is crucial for healthy skin. Getting your hormones in check & gut health improved will not only help your skin but it will help you overall feel your best.

I personally noticed the biggest difference with my skin when I started taking Sulfurzyme. Pairing that with a drop of Copaiba Vitality under my tongue or in hot water as a tea, to support the gut, and any inflammation that may be happening, was huge for me. A good probiotic and enzyme supplement is another must for me too.

My journey with getting my skin back to a healthy state was just that, a journey. There were some trial and error periods, but in the end- these tips above are what got me to where I’m at now with my skin.

I talk a bit more about my skin and share a before photo in my IG story highlights titled: SKIN.


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