oils + plants

oils + plants

Indoor gardening is kind of my jam! I'm not a guru or anything, but I do consider myself a plant hoarder (200+ and counting)


So here are my top 5 ways to incorporate oils into your indoor gardening.

🚰 Use them in your watering can!!!
I love adding a drop of Geranium into the water. IDK what it does really. I had read somewhere that it promotes growth. And I can tell you after a few months of using it, I'm noticing a ton of new growth- plus my house smells amazing on watering days!!!!

indoor gard oil.jpg

💧Drop them right into the soil!!!
Yup, just a drop of two right into the soil. We love Citrus Fresh or Purification!

🐛 DIY your own Pesticides.
We don't want bugs in our house, but sometimes, we bring plants that already have bugs in. When this happens, it's a pretty quick fix. Here's our favorite DIY all natural pesticide.

5 drops of each: Rosemary, Clove, Peppermint & Orange oil to Neem oil in a 1 gallon sprayer. 
Spray affected plant and wipe with damp cloth.
(You’ll need to look at the directions for your Neem oil for ratio per 1 gallon.)

DID YOU KNOW? Basil and Lemongrass used in the spray are effective against aphids too!

🌿 Dust off those big leaves with Seedlings baby wipes. Gentle enough for baby bottoms, perfect for your leaves. Bigger foliage can collect dust, which then blocks out the sun- you want to make sure your leaves are dust free. 

‼️Your Thieves Cleaner has another use!!!!
I like to spray the soil and mist the plants with my Thieves Cleaner at least once a week. Indoor plants tend to attract little gnats- if you find this is happening to you, try spraying Theives Cleaner right onto the top of the soil- also Citrus Fresh in the soil will help too!