All in oils

Foaming Face Cleanser

So I get a ton of questions about the Oil Cleansing Method, and it's always met with huge hesitation. People will not cleanse their face with oil. So, I was challenged to see if I could find something that worked but still gave that 'cleanser' feel, I set to work.

our go to essential oils // roller blends

While the Young Living rollers (roll-on's) are great, I quickly found that I needed to make some of my own too. It's much easier to look up proper dilution ratio's and pre-make blends we use often. It makes for super fast application on little ones, and it's easy to grab them quickly when we're on the go.

oils + yoga

Essential oils aid in mental and emotional wellness, relieve sore muscles, and can support physical and spiritual well-being; this makes yoga and essential oils the perfect match.

the worst kind of call + PanAway- the muscle saver

Monday afternoon I got the call I have been dreading since Craig bought his motorcycle. He was in an accident. I had just seen him 7 minutes prior, watched him walk out the door with the normal love you's and byes. He left at 3:00 pm and my phone rang at 3:07 pm. He was in a motorcycle accident. So many things ran through my mind. Where are you at? What happened? I'm on my way.