Stone Liam: A Birth Story

It was Tuesday, December 7th. I knew he would be coming soon. I painted my nails this day. You see, it was the last thing on my list of “to-do’s” before baby arrived. As I knew there would be pictures.. and I didn’t want chipped nails in them. lol.  Every thing else on that list had been checked and I was putting off painting my nails until I felt comfortable with his arrival. I decided the 7th was a good day to paint them, after getting the house in order and feeling as prepared as I was going to be.
After painting them, I told Craig that we would be having him soon. I think he thought I was nuts.
But the contraction’s started a few hours later.
We decided after MUCH debate that it was time to go in around 9:30 PM. I called our old neighbor and dearest friend in TN to come over and watch Adelyn so we did not have to wake her up.
When we got to the hospital I was dilated to 5, and my cervix was progressing hourly, but it was progressing slowly. After my doctor said that they were keeping me and I would be having the baby then. She started my IV and ordered my epidural. She was the WORST at putting in my IV. I had just had one a few weeks prior when they stopped me from going into labor. It did not hurt (needles do not bother me at all.. and I have a pretty high tolerance of pain). But this bitch did not know what she was doing. She sat and poked back and forth at my vein for about 20 mins. Craig said it looked like she was doing lipo on my arm. I looked at him and mouthed that I’m about to punch her. She then decided that she would try to stick me some where else since she couldn’t get the vein she was trying to. After more poking and digging she finally got one on the back of my arm (now.. if I didn’t have good veins.. this wouldn’t be a big deal… but my veins are a nurses dream… they are huge.. they are bright and stick out on there own with no arm band)
After this my epidural came (much praise to those who do it naturally, but I’m not in it for the pain!).
After my epidural, I knew that something was wrong. I could feel my legs and feet and I could still feel my contractions (they weren’t painful yet anyways… so it wasn’t a big deal). BUT then my nurse decided to put in my catheter. That was horrible! I could feel everything. I kept telling her that it hurt. After she put it in… i couldn’t pee. I felt like I had to, but my body wouldn’t let me. After complaining and complaining.. she finally took it out and let me try to go to the bathroom myself. Which I did. She was confused as normally people with epidurals can not control there bladder. She left the catheter out for an hour, I felt much better! THEN the nurse from hell came back in and replaced the catheter. The pain was excruciating! I could feel it, everything. She kept moving it around to “reposition” it. And I literally was 2 seconds away from kicking her the face. By the time she was done, my contractions were coming on  a lot stronger. (I honestly think it’s because of the pain from the catheter.) She kept saying that it was fine because it was emptying my bladder, but I could feel it when I peed. She then thought that I was allergic to latex. I kept telling her I wasn’t. That I had a catheter w/ Adelyn and that I’m not allergic to anything. I let her leave it in, because while it was painful.. I was NOT letting her put another one in down there.
Pitocin was ordered since my contractions were started to slow.
FINALLY 7 am came and a new nurse came. (she was actually the nurse I had w/ Adelyn) I loved her! I told her about the pain from the catheter. She tried to reposition it once and after seeing the pain I was feeling she said “we’re taking it out”. PRAISE THE LORD. I told her I felt like I had to pee.. and again.. this one didn’t believe me either. But I did and she was stunned. She kept saying that I shouldn’t be able to control my bladder. I told her I could feel everything…. That while I did get an epidural.. I could almost guarantee that I could get up and walk around no problem. A new anesthesiologist was on, so she had her come in and give me a boost. It still didn’t work. The nurse checked me at this point and I was dilated to 6-7.
This is when my contractions started to be unbearable. About 9 AM. It happened out of no where… I had an uncomfortable contraction and a few mins later had a screaming contraction. It was all over with. Every contraction I was crying and moaning. I never understood why women scream during child birth. I do now. It is the only thing that makes you feel better about the pain, the only thing that can some what take your mind off the pain.
Poor Craig, I was horrid. Every contraction I would yell at him for looking at me (but I mean REALLY who wants some one starring at them while they are feeling like they’re dying). Then when each contraction stopped, I would apologize and tell him I loved him. LOL. He swore then that we were done having kids.
Each contraction I was feeling the need to push, my body was taking over, I couldn’t NOT push. The anesthesiologist had given me the max dose and said that if it didn’t work, then we could re-do the epidural. The nurse checked me,  I was dilated to 8. My doctor gave me the option to get the epi or to have her come break my water. I chose the epidural. The pain was too much.
Having that epidural while contracting was the worst. After the anesthesiologist was done, my nurse checked me again and I was at 10 cm. She called my doctor.
While the nurses were getting set up and we were waiting on my doctor. I felt something wet (my water had still not broke). So I asked Craig to look down there and see if the sheets were wet. He said no.. but there’s something red down there. I blew it off… as this new epidural still hadn’t kicked in. I was in too much pain to talk to the nurses. My nurse then came over to put the catheter in to drain my bladder before I had to start pushing and gasped. The water sack was hanging out of my vagina (a little too much info?? haha.) Everything was rushed then. My doctor kept telling me not to push. I felt like pushing. The nurses kept telling each other to look at my vagina and how odd it was, that you “never see that”.  I looked at Craig and started crying. I told him I didn’t want to push. That if the contractions hurt this bad I didn’t want to know what it felt like to really push through them and feel the baby coming out. He was great. He hugged me, and kissed my forehead and cheek and told me that it’s ok to be scared but that I’d be great. (I love him)
Finally, as my doctor was walking toward me to sit down, my epidural started to kick in. Half way through the contraction the pain started dulling. PRAISE THE LORD. I could still feel them… they still hurt… but I didn’t have to moan my way through them.
The doctor said “this next contraction I want you to grab your knees and bear down”. So I did, I pushed twice with that contraction and his head was out. The then had me push 2 or 3 more times, but just small pushes as the cord was wrapped around Stone’s neck. I got to watch him being born (something I did not even think about with Adelyn). It was amazing. Looking at this little human not breathing but alive. Born at 10:18 AM (did i mention that a huge gush of amniotic fluid came out in one of the pushes that nearly shot clear across the room.. and Craig about vomited). After he was out the doctor suctioned him pretty good as he came super fast. She then put him on my chest.
It was love at first sight. He looked right at me. My heart doubled in size.
   039 040 
Welcome to the world Stone Liam. You were worth all the pain! And the BEST Christmas present anyone could ever ask for!
7lbs 8 oz @ 37 wks. VERY glad he came early.
Craig and I looked at each other. I fell in love with him all over again at that moment. His eyes told a million stories, and I loved every one of them.
All the commotion died down. We were left w/ our angel. And within minutes Craig was already anxious to go get Adelyn so she could meet her little brother. I on the other hand made him wait. I couldn’t get up… as the epidural finally was in full force, and I had the IV tubes still in me. Adelyn would not be ok with all of that. So we waited a few hours.
By the time he made it back with her, I could barely stand it. I missed her so much. I will never forget her face when they opened the doors and she looked at me. I had Stone on the bed with me and she just smiled. She was so happy to see me and I her. She came right to me and loved Stone from the instant she seen him. She kissed him and said “baybay sTone”
My heart is complete!
We were discharged the next day. The lover bought me Starbucks on the way home. It was a perfect treat!
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