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How can you not just fall in love. and the cheesy faces crack me up (i.e. the top right pic)


The Golden Girls:
Adelyn LOVES The Golden Girls (but who doesn’t?! She calls them “Gammas”. I have season 1-3 on DVD. She always asks for them. “Pink Gammas” (season 2’s cover is pink) or “Yellow Gamma’s” (season 1 is yellow). Her favorite thing is the theme song. She loves to dance. Check out her hip moves about half way through.

She is too stinkin cute! (Too bad she has my rhythm!)



My best friend of 22 years just gave birth to Stone’s future wife =)
Look at all that hair!!! She is just the cutest thing, and I can not wait to get back up to MI and kiss those cheeks! It is moments like these that make me wish I was closer to friends and family!


I’ve been busy on my sewing machine the past few days. It’s my way to decompress. I swear… Watching a bobbin thread itself is so therapeutic. The thread goes up, down, up down, up down, up down… I know it can’t just be me!

My Apron:


I love this! The yellow fabric is my favorite!
(the lover thought I made it for him.. for his birthday.. I was pretty confused until he explained… lets just say.. think outside the box.. and like a man).

Repurposing Adelyn’s old receiving blankets:
Into hand-warmers, heating pads and drawstring bags to hold them in.


I knew I held onto these babies for something!
These were my favorite out of all of her receiving blankets (she had about 50.)
I had seen quite a few posts in blogland about heating pads.. and knew I needed one ASAP… and after a few days of looking online at flannel, it dawned on me. “hey, I still have Adelyn’s flannel receiving blankets”.
These ones are from Target (Dwell Studio). They are the HUGE ones. like 13 bucks for 3 of them (ridiculous I know! but now that they are being repurposed I don’t feel so bad about it).
Out of two of them I was able to make 3 heating pads (8” by 18”), 3 hand-warmers and 3 draw string bags to hold these bad boys in.
They were super easy too! There are tons of tutorials out there… I combined these tutorials from hippos and dinosaurs and the green wife to make mine. The tutorial on making the drawstring bag (which is SUPER simple) is at the green wife also.
I love these. With the separate pouches, it lays perfect and molds to your body!

I snuggled with mine last night. It’s just been sooooo cold lately, I havn’t been able to keep warm and this did the trick wonderfully! (the one of many downsides to your significant other working nights!)


Valentines Day is coming up in a month (really less than that). And eighteen 25 has an awesome printable subway art poster available!


I need to get on the ball with decorating for V-Day =)


Ending with one of my favorite snap shots of Adelyn EVER!





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