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The topic of how busy moms "do it" (not in the middle school humor kind of way) is always buzzing in conversation circles both online and in real life. And it's always funny to me...like we're all searching for the fountain of youth. No one really does it all. We all just try like heck to prioritize, be with our kids, fulfill our hobbies, make a living, etc. We all do it differently, and every time you see a mama shining in one area, I promise you, there's shadowy areas that she'll need to tend to later. And I love the fact that every day is a clean slate. Even on the busiest, craziest days, there are small fueling moments that allow the bulk of life to rise to the top.- Kelle Hampton



She was trying to find flowers to smell. (a few more months babycakes and there will be flowers)


We’re still trying to learn to push the pedals… She does good on cement.. but doesn’t do very well on the bumpy grass.

And for those who know Adelyn, know that she is afraid of ANYTHING that makes noise! So getting her on the Princess four wheeler NaNa got her for her birthday has been… well… hasn’t been anything because  as soon as she sees it she runs in the other direction. I mean.. literally.. RUNS shaking like a leaf with straight fear in her eyes.

I had faith tho, I knew that as soon as it was nice enough to take it outside she would love it. Craig doubted me.

Never doubt me Lover! hah.

And what is a post with out a few pictures of my Little Lover?


I can’t stop kissing him! (And apparently.. neither can Adelyn).

He’s smiling like crazy… and cooing up a storm.

(I’m kinda diggin his little eastside thing he decided to throw up, hah).

He is also sleeping a bit better now too! WOOT! I found a White Noise app on my iPhone, and it works like a charm. PTL!


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