someone’s birthday was yesterday

Adelyn is two! WHAT?! Where in the world has the time gone. I hate birthdays, not for the reason most do tho. It’s not because when a birthday comes it means I’m one year older. It’s because when her birthday comes. SHE is one year older, one year closer to growing up and leaving me. And I don’t think I’ll EVER be ready for her to leave me. It is however a nice reminder on why I soak up every ounce of her that I can daily. And I encourage all other moms to do the same. It’s these reminders that make me grateful to be a stay-at-home mom. You couldn’t pay me enough to leave these two for even a few hours every day!
Her birthday was simple. Just the four of us w/ pizza and cupcakes and LOTS of “baloooballloooballoooonnnnns”. I asked her a few days ago if she wanted a cake or cupcakes, and she said "cucake, cucake". So cupcakes it was. I also let her pick out the colors… of course PINK!
Her favorite part of the day was when we sung her happy birthday. The rest of the night she was singing Happy Birthday and trying to get us to sing with her. I’m not sure how I was so blessed with such an amazingly smart daughter, but I am happy God chose me to be her mother!

singing happy birthday to our baby girl.
I made her a little apron (w/ a stuffed cupcake), so she can keep her clothes clean while helping me in the kitchen.
and her very own birthday skirt: (which she LOVED, and so do I)
make one yourself

A few tidbits about Miss Adelyn Grace @ age two:
1) she looooves Golden Girls (or as she calls it “gamas”
2) she HAS to sleep with ALL 8 of her princess barbies, her baby doll that cries and her glow worm. and before bed, she has to kiss and hug whoever is in the house.. atleast twice and she would do it probably ten times if I let her.
3) she will not leave the house w/o her baby that cries.
4) She repeats EVERYTHING. Her vocabulary has gotten out of control.
5) she loves to spin and dance.. once you spin her or start to dance with her, she' won’t leave you alone!
6) she HATES it when her daddy leaves for work, and she thinks that if she ignores him saying bye that he won’t leave, until he goes to walk out the door and she cries for a “kis and ugggs”.
mommy, daddy and the two year old.

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