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I don’t think any two kids could be more different. Maybe it’s because Adelyn has been self-sufficient for so long, that I forgot how she was as an infant, but I honestly do not remember her being this needy. Everyone told me that having a boy would be so much easier than a girl. YEA RIGHT! lol. With Adelyn, I had NO-FAIL options. No matter what, if I was holding her.. she was perfect. Stone on the other hand.. doesn’t really care to be held.. he still cries! With Adelyn, if she was fussing, the bouncy seat worked like a charm. If she was fighting her sleep or needed a nap… her swing was the go-to item. With Stone, NOTHING works. One day he may favor his bouncy… the next day it’s the swing, then half way through the day he wants nothing to do with the swing, or bouncy and wants his rocker. I swear… he needs to make up his mind! hah.

He’s my little old man tho. Just in the past few days, his personality is growing like crazy. When we make eye contact, he gets a big grin on his face, and it honestly… melts my +. I now know why mom’s hate there sons girlfriends and wives!  I can’t imagine him looking at anyone else that way!

Just look at that face!!


I really need to get into a routine. Pregnancy got me out of the my daily habits. And I’m now starting to feel overwhelmed. I like to be very organized when it comes to daily life.. and when things get array… I freak out a little bit inside When I wake up in the AM I instantly feel that there is so much to do, I don’t know where to start! Sometimes I wish I was Mary Poppins, so I could just magically clean up toys! (sometimes?? how about ALL the time!)

Every night when I plan on going to bed, I think to myself… I’m going to start my routine tomorrow. Then I don’t get to sleep till one am and I say.. screw the routine!

So maybe if I write my routine I’ll be more app to use it.

6:30 am- shower and coffee

7 am-  Adelyn up, Breakfast and dressed for the day.

8 am- Reading and Arts and Crafts w/ Adelyn

9 am- Play ; Mommy Regis and Kelly Time w/ more coffee $

10 am- Snack and Outside if weather permits. Clean-up.

        or Errands time

10:30 am- Tummy-time w/ Stone and floor play.

11:30- Lunch

12:00- 2 pm NAP TIME + Mommy time- blogging, crafting and sewing

2 pm- Snack w/ a show of Adelyn’s choice.

3 pm- Craigs up, Start dinner.

4 p m- Dinner and clean-up

5 pm- Craig off to work, Play time

6:30 pm- Bath time and PJ’s

7:30ish- Skype w/ Nana and PaPa or Aunt Nic

8:00 pm- Bedtime

8-10pm- Mommy and Stone time, maybe some sewing or blogging if he allows.


Here’s to hoping $

I’m a creature of habit! So as soon as I do this for a week, I’ll be back to my old self.

I’m very tired of feeling overwhelmed when I wake up in the morning.. and I’m sure the Lover does not appreciate me going dayssss with out a shower. hah. (it’s just so hard to fit it in once both kids are up for the day, Stone is screaming, and Adelyn is taking off her clothes pulling on the shower curtain trying to climb in with me… and while I don’t mind taking a shower with her… I do mind her poking at every hole I have in my body! bahah)

Speaking of… Adelyn now points to her hoohah and says “GINA”. bahahaha…. I DIED laughing the first time she did it! She also trys to sneak into the bathroom while Craig is showering, then stare at his you-know-what with eyes as big as saucers. He gets so mad… hey.. atleast she’s smart enough to know there is a difference!


It’s almost midnight, and I’m still blogging… so far.. my routine is NOT getting off to a good start!


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